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Diorever Bag

Diorever Bag Review

Dior, in it’s Spring Summer 2016 runaway brought spotlight to structured silhouette, finest leather and reversible flap pattern, all this along with few traits of your beloved Diorama handbag. The result? Absolutely stunning! Our jaws were instantly dropped at the very sight of Diorever bag , leaving us awe-struck. The Diorever bags are to be blamed, indeed.

As soon as your eyes will land on the Diorever bags, you’ll be blessed with the boon of a Dior-forever aura. As a result, you can locate these bags in the darkest corner; all with its signature crest shaped clasp of a Dior women, unique magnetic closure and reversible flap pattern. It’s much more than you have ever dreamt for an ideal tote; it’s like all your fantasies are miraculously stepping into reality.

Are you a moody one? Who is always in their La La La Land, sometimes they wish to carry an open tote, sometimes a closed handbag and a few times a shoulder bag. If you are such a personality than take this handbag as a forever soul mate to handle your all mood swings.


Diorever Bag Review

This is an incredible design, downright from Dior’s fashion house, which has a reversible flap with two magnetic buttons at the front and the other two at the back. So, if you are going to pull-open the magnetic lock in front and push the flap backwards, it will get reversed and get tucked at the back. This way you can use it as your open tote version of Diorama. Otherwise, it will behave as your closed loyal handbag.

Other way to use this pattern is like a shoulder bag. If you do order a Diorever bag, then it comes with an optional leather strap, you can attach it as per your will and carry the handbag on your shoulder. Though it has a flaw; the straps have their attachment designed at the back portion and not in the middle, so if you’re going to carry it by shoulder, it will look a bit unusual and weird.

If your memory serves you best then recall the Diorama handbag and it’s features. The bold and strong outlook along with the iconic crest-shaped lock Diorever has seen to be derived from the Diorama handbags. The double handles at the top lets you carry it by the crook of your arm and there is button up style at the sides, which modifies the look and makes the bag more compact.

Giving it a more sophisticated feel, there are four studs at the bottom. You know what these four little feet do? Well, the bottom is never in contact directly with the surface because of these, so the bag doesn’t get dirty. And also, because of these your bag will stay upright and the things won’t fall down.


Diorever Bag Review

If you love Dior bags to death then these are your best bets, as all of your essentials feel cozy and fuzzy inside it. Just open the front flap and the inside flap that secure your stuff and your heart will skip a beat, there’s so much space! You can effortlessly put your makeup, small water bottle, card holder, wallet and many more things. It may turn a bit heavy all due to the finest leather and the structural silhouette. Just slid in your mobile in the slip pocket inside for easy accessibility, and also, you can use the two slot compartments which are at the other side of its interior for cards or car keys.


Diorever Bag Review

From Left To Right: Mini, Small

Diorever Mini Bag21 x 17 x 17 cm
Diorever Medium Bag30 x 23 x 16 cm
Diorever Large Bag34 x 26 x 17 cm

Leathers And Materials

Diorever Bag Review

From Left To Right: Bullcalf Leather, Grained Calfskin, Metallic Calfskin, Crocodile Leather


Diorever Bag Review

From Left To Right: Black, Blue

Diorever Bag Review

From Left To Right: Light Brown, Grey, Navy

Diorever Bag Review

From Left To Right: Burgundy, Brown, Pink, Yellow, Red, White Metalic

Diorever Bag Review

From Left To Right: Gold Metallic, Black, Crocodile, Grey Crocodile, White Crocodile, Brown Crocodile, Green Crocodile


Diorever Bag Review

From Left To Right: Gold, Silver, Multicolor

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