Diorama Voyageur Wallet



Diorama Voyageur Wallet


Dior is another luxury brand to contend with because of the overwhelming number of pieces they come-up with that seems to tickle our senses with every release. The Voyageur Wallet is no exception, of course, and it’s really getting much visibility these days. Of course, what’s not to love about the Voyageur? It’s highly functional for such a stylish piece. Business mixed with luxury, as they say.

This Medium Voyageur piece comes in a black lambskin exterior that’s adorned with an oversized graphic Cannage top-stitching. It also has a crest-shaped clasp in silver-tone metal, which complements the whole design. Inside, it has a zipped pocket, a separating pocket, three gusset compartments and eight card slots – perfect for the practical girl-on-the-go with discriminating fashion tastes!

Measuring 15.5cm x 9cm, you can get your very own Voyageur Wallet for €550 EUR or £460 GBP via Dior e-store.



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