Dior Stardust Backpack


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Dior Stardust Backpack


For the past few weeks, we were chit chatting about the latest Dior backpack without knowing its true name. And today it has finally been revealed.

Presenting the Dior Stardust Backpack.

Backpacks are so-in right now, all designer brands have entered in this game right now. We’ve seen minimalistic to sophisticated but beautiful backpacks. And perhaps you should get one for yourself.

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We love the Dior Stardust Backpacks, but there is one you should seriously consider when purchasing one. And we always recommend the classics – the Cannage Stitched edition.

You see, the Cannage Stitching is Dior’s iconic print. It has been inserted in all classic Dior bags like the Lady Dior, Miss Dior and the Diorissimo Bag. And because of this, you cannot go wrong with the Dior Stardust Cannage Stitched Backpack, especially in the color black. And for those that are interested in other colors, we know there are plenty more available. Check with your SA.

The details:

Dior Small Stardust Backpack Bag
Size: 23 x 19 x 11 cm
Price: €1400 euro or $2400 USD

Dior Large Stardust Backpack Bag
Size: 26 x 29 x 14 cm
Price: €1800 euro

Dior Large Embroidered Stardust Backpack Bag
Size: 26 x 29 x 14 cm
Price: €2400 euro or $3000 USD









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