Dior New Audacieuse Sunglasses


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Dior New Audacieuse Sunglasses

When one model walked down the runway at the Fall Winter 2013 fashion show, it was not the bag that attracted the attention of the audience. Intead, everyone was thinking: ‘those are amazing glasses’. Unexpectedly, Dior has launched new Audacieuse sunglasses for the fall and winter collection, they are beautifully framed, over-the-edge and in butterfly shape. It’s feminine (no more unisex), glamorous and futuristic cool. You might ask: ‘Why do I need a pair of sunglasses in the winter?’. Imagine driving a car when there are endless snow falling from the sky. And how about going ice skiing in the Alps? Not only are the Dior Audacieuse glasses pretty, your eyes are well protected from UV radiations too. They come in two styles; gold/black/pink and black/gold/blue. You can get them at Dior boutique for $490 USD (€360 EUR).

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    • Hi Lynn, the price of Dior so real sunglasses in black is 380 euro and 325 GBP

      Dior so real sunglasses in blue marine and pink gold is 400 euro and 340 GBP
      Dior so real sunglasses in crystal, black and silver is 340 euro and 290 GBP

      They are all included with VAT.


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