Dior Fall Winter 2014 Handbag Campaign Part 2


The Dior Fall Winter 2014 Ad Campaign. Yes, we’ve already featured a post like this before. And no, the images are new, never-released and freshly baked from our lovely brand, Dior.

There are two things that we want to talk about, first it has to do with ‘Oh My Gorgeous’ and the second part has to do with ‘Nice?!’.

The ‘Oh My Gorgeous’ part has everything to do with the Diorissimo Collection. As famous as it already is, the Diorissimo Tote is standing not far from the iconic Lady Dior Tote. And to take every-bit advantage of its never-ending fame, Dior decided to drop a few more addition to the line – the Diorissimo Rencontre Chain Wallet and Diorissimo Flap Bag.

Oke, let’s dive deeper into the Diorissimo Flap Bag. It’s going to be the new ‘IT’ thing, released for the Fall Winter 2014 Collection. The first time that we’ve published this bag, our community went wild – I mean, it’s streamlined, stunning, elegant, and luxurious and like it’s sent from heaven.

Then there’s another new addition, that’s the Lady Dior Tote with Pockets and the Diorrismo Tote with Pockets. They are presented in bi-colors and the front pocket is embellished with a closure. It’s more of a casual style than the original version (in our opinion), the respond we get from the community was ‘Nice’. And don’t get us wrong, because if we could get any of these beauties as a gift, we would catfight over it.






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