Did Chanel Really Lose It’s Quality?


With every purchase that I make, I always look forward to what I am actually receiving in return. It could range from a $10 blouse from H&M or a $50,000 Mercedes-Benz. To know the true value of an item is extremely important; not enough people express this quality. It’s saddening to end up with an item whose quality doesn’t match its high price.

The prices at Chanel have been on the rise over the past few years. It hasn’t been a light increase either. Instead of raising just a few dollars or tens of dollars, Chanel prices have increased by the hundreds. These price increases happen bi-annually and sometimes even three times a year. It’s a wonder, how and why they keep doing it.

With the ever increasing prices, what do you expect to receive in return? Does the quality of the increased price bag, surpass that of the bag that was produced two years ago?

I’m not so sure, but the more costly the bags become the more ladies want to purchase and wear them. As a graduation gift, one of my friends received a Chanel bag from her boyfriend. She couldn’t believe it. She was just crying with tears of joy and excitement. That was probably the best gift he could have purchased for her. And I have never seen her cry before; that just goes to show the impression that Chanel has on us.

I’m not sure about others, but when I invest thousands of dollars on a Chanel handbag I expect something in return. I want more than just the “CC” logo on a fine leather bag. If that was all I was after, then I would just purchase an accurate looking fake Chanel for thousands less than the authentic.

Why Purchase Real Chanel?
It’s all about QUALITY. Trust me, Chanel over delivers when it comes to quality.

Chanel handbags are increasing in price because each bag is created individually giving it its own identity. All Chanel consumers should expect ultimate, perfect quality in every aspect of the handbag.

Perfection should be included in the package of purchasing a Chanel handbag even after the production of the bag. Customer service, delivery, and overall customer experience should be flawless. Considering that Chanel handbags costs thousands of dollars, every aspect of the company should be up to par.

However as of late, the quality of Chanel has decreased—a lot. It’s quite saddening because I’m crazy about Chanel. It’s a shame to see one of my favorite brands to be falling off when it comes to handbag quality.

Another friend of mine recently purchased a Chanel Maxi Blue Fonce Flap Bag. When it came in the mail, she discovered that there were a lot of mistakes made in the creation/production of the handbag. It didn’t take long for us to figure it out when we did a side by side comparison to my Chanel bags.

The main differences lie in the “Chanel” and “Paris” label that is attached on the twist-lock plate. Instead of reading in the same direction, they were opposite from one another. And it gets worse; the twist-lock plate was not bilaterally equal.

I suggested that the bag be returned. My friend was a bit apprehensive about returning the bag, because she anticipated having it so much. Maybe it was just a simple mistake made by the Chanel craftsmen. Overall, I hope she gets another one of proper quality.

So tell me, do you have any issues with your Chanel handbags? Any differences in quality? I want to know if anyone has 2012 edition of the Chanel Jumbo Flap Bag. I want to compare it with the 2007 edition. What are your thoughts about Chanel losing their superior quality?


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  1. H August 29, 2018 Reply

    I agree with Chanel quality going downhill. I had just purchased a Coco caviar (grained) top handle and went to pick up at the boutique. As the bag was brought out I was thoroughly disappointed. The bag had no weight to it, felt flimsy and very thin. The gold aged hardware seemed like cheap coating you would see on bags in target. On top of that there was a scratch down the side in the leather. I decided to return. Also, when you do go in to look for a certain style bag, the SA’s do very little to help search for you. They always try to push another style on you, like you should be lucky enough to have something Chanel. I have had Chanel bags from 2011/13 that were excellent quality, weighty, true caviar texture. Too bad. Ysl bags are half the price and seem to have same if not better quality.

  2. Mélanie P May 22, 2018 Reply

    Totally agree with the disappointment in Chanel quality of late. I purchased a divine So Black WOC with the 2.55 turn lock and had to return it twice as the lock was faulty and just twisted off and totally fell off the bag. Same thing with the replacement so eventually Chanel had it repaired locally which I am sure is probably a glue job but at least it is working.
    A friend recently purchased a Boy style wallet and the CC hardware which is purely decorative keeps falling off. This is a $1700 AUD wallet and sadly has left us feeling that Chanel needs to pick up its game or it has had its day.

  3. Fatema March 11, 2018 Reply

    Meritxel, The Chanel costume jewellery is now manufactured in India, a third world country.

  4. Meritxell February 28, 2018 Reply

    CHANEL quality is so poor nowadays. I have vinatge bags and shoes and jackets which are in excellent condition. Within the last 2 years, amon all the items I bought at CHANEL Madrid, I have given back 7 pairs of shoes, 1 brooch and 2 bags because they broke or they had “severe 1” mistakes in the leather. But this is not the worst. The hell starts when the Manager of CHANEL in Madrid negotiates every single time I gave back an item, saying that it was my fault!!!!! (????). In order for her to accept a pair of sandals which were completely broken after wearing them once, I had to send an email to Paris explaining the situation. Of course CHANEL in Madrid never gives you the money back. They offer you a voucher to buy a different item. CHANEL shopping is over. Never again. CHANEL nowadays is a fraud.

  5. Fatema February 24, 2018 Reply

    The quality of all Chanel across the entire range has deteriorated dramatically in the last several years I’m disappointed to say. I was a Chanel customer decades ago, I have my jackets, cashmere’s and bags of far superior quality than what they currently manufacture.

    Bags- you can no longer tell the difference between a Chinese fake and a genuine Chanel. My vintage bags are absolutely stunning to perfection.

    Cashmere’s – my vintage pieces are still flawless looking brand new with zero pilling. Superior quality buttons too.

    Jackets – what’s with the current thin chain at hem? What purpose does it do with it being so flimsy and plastic like! My vintage jackets – thick gold chain that does what it’s supposed to do which allows garment to hang beautifully. Also the fabric, all 100% natural fibres with zero pilling. Current jackets polyester rubbish. Urgh.

    So my money no longer goes to an over priced poor quality fashion house like Chanel.

    What a shame. The end of an era.

  6. Grace December 10, 2017 Reply

    I am not really a Chanel fan but I must say that when I entered a boutique at Galeries Lafayette in Paris last week to check out their wallet on chain, I noticed how poor the stitching was and somehow the texture and feel of the leather seem to have downgraded. Did anyone notice that too?
    My Vintage flap bag still feels and look gorgeous.

  7. Loiza September 21, 2017 Reply

    Hi, I regret not reading your comments before deciding to buy my 1st ever CC bag.
    I just bought the new 2017 coco handle bag today in medium size black calfskin with burgundy lizard top handle. While unboxing I immediately noticed the faulty stitching on the left upper side flap of my bag and I can see that the stitching arent carefully and perfectly done.
    I didnt notice these at the store, maybe because of my excitement to own the bag. I feel so upset now because I expected so much from Chanel’s craftsmanship to the highest level, but to my dismay I almost cried, its seems like I did not buy it at the Chanel’s boutique, I felt I was rubbed.
    I must go back to Chanel Holt Renfrew, Calgary tomorrow and return this piece.
    So sad I fell inlove with this bag the very 1st time I saw it and then suddenly giving it up because of poor quality. This one is made in Italy.

    • Loiza September 21, 2017 Reply

      Opps sorry wrong spelling on the rubbed should be robbed. 😔

    • Anonymous September 22, 2017 Reply

      Went back to the boutique 1st thing in the morning today, and because of the NO refund policy, they were obliged to change the bag with the so called “Chanel quality”. I was a bit lucky because the manager was there and she admitted it was faulty craftmanship and needs to be returned to the company.
      Whew!, twas an upsetting moment for me as a 1st time chanel buyer but nevertheless, the problem was fixed and enjoying my new coco handle bag 😄

      • Alex September 22, 2017 Reply

        Congrats, awesome that you brought it back immediate. And great customer service, sometimes the SA can be difficult. Can you tell us which boutique you went?

        Also, please read this: https://www.bragmybag.com/attention-repair-policy-changes-at-chanel/

        • Loiza September 24, 2017 Reply

          At Holt Renfrew, Calgary, Canada. Lucky enough the SA said stocks just came 2 days ago, hence immediate replacement was available.

  8. Nattha July 16, 2017 Reply

    I recently bought Chanel boy card holder in navy blue color with so black hardware from Chanel boutique in Bangkok. I’m really love love it but after I unboxed it at home. I found the defect on it(small scratch so I exchange it on the next day. Luckily that they have anther one. BUT after I unbox again with second bag the pattern of the leather are unequal. On the left with clear caviar print and on the right side is not clear at all. I got no problem with exchange again but the fact that the dont have the same color any more it make me feel so sad. I also lost confident with Chanel bag’s quality.

  9. Dinara Burkit June 29, 2017 Reply

    I have a medium double flap in caviar, which I bought around 5 years ago. I have never ever been so disappointed with the quality! One day I just opened the bag and saw a completely lose thread! It is absolutely ridiculous! Has it ever happened to anyone else? I am freaking out 🙁 Here is the main pic!

  10. Dinara Burkit June 29, 2017 Reply

    I have a medium double flap in caviar, which I bought around 5 years ago. I have never ever been so disappointed with the quality! One day I just opened the bag and saw a completely lose thread! It is absolutely ridiculous! Has it ever happened to anyone else? I am freaking out 🙁

  11. Trace Trace May 26, 2017 Reply

    And I am still thinking to sell my 2012 Jumbo to get a new 2017 model! (I know it’s the same just thought to get it new again) should I??

  12. Eireen April 23, 2017 Reply

    I bought a rectangular mini but I returned it because it looks like it’s been returned, hardware not in proper place and lots of creases… considering that bag was a lambskin. So I exchanged it with studded flap bag, only to find out when I got home the chevron studs dorsnt alone with the other chevron on the left and there was a big indentation on the flap… if you stuff it it’s good but when you removed the indentation comes back. I really wanted to have my first Chanel in perfect condition, so I returned again. I forgot to mentioned all of these bags I mentioned are from the boutique. To make a long story short I ordered another Coco Chanel in Vegas but the item was from Beverly Hills, to my surprised the packaging was so bad! I only have the dust bag ang the bad, no tags, no stickers covering the hardware … no leaflet on how to take care of the bag as in nothing! Plus there was a missing stitch on the handle and peeling of the leather on the side!!! So I exchanged it again and I really wanted the coco handle… so I ordered again, coco Chanel for the second time . They gave me snug draw string bag, the handle will deform it shape if you will close it tightly 😑 and I noticed a tiny bit imperfections on the side .. I’m thinking maybe where they cut the leather. I purchased less than 14 days and never worn bec I had a phobia from my previous purchases. I’m not gonna return and I will use it today. My point is why do they have to send to their boutiques if it’s not perfect considering that you will be paying thousands .. so maybe this will be may first and last chanel☹️

    • Anonymous April 27, 2017 Reply

      Chanel forget that designer with high prices come with superb quality. My niece bought the classic flap bag last year, the quality is not the same with my bag. I bought mine 8 years ago.

  13. Anonymous April 15, 2017 Reply


    I bought a Chanel Deauville in 2014 but I only used it for a couple of times and I put it away until last month (March 2017) when we went on vacation. I used it as my beach bag. After 4 days I noticed that the leather handles were peeling off. I was told that leather sometimes react negatively on lotion and since I was in the caribbean my hands were full of sunscreen constantly. But I still find it weird. Real leather aren’t supposed to do that right? Any thought? Thanks you.

  14. Vicky April 11, 2017 Reply

    I used to loooove Chanel. I’ve always wanted a classic double flap bag. WellI got myself one of those classic goodies and a pair of espadrilles! I usually wear Gucci and the leather they use is AMAZING! Great quality. My 5-year-old bag looks like brand new! So back to Chanel… I expected if not better at least the same quality as Gucci! Oh boy I’ve never been more disappointed from a high- end brand! The leather on the bag showed signs of wear very soon. Not to mention it was sooo heavy that my shoulders would start hurting every time I wear it. I got rid of it. The only good thing about Chanel bags is they never loose value.
    Now a bigger disappointment were the shoes. I bought the espadrilles in Dec and even though I live in Vegas and there is no real winter, it was still too cold to wear them. In Feb was the first time I wore them and just after a few times, the soles separated from the shoes! I was so shocked. I went to the Chanel store and ask to speak with a manager. Well, as you probably know they don’t do returns, nor refund, nor discounts…. any gesture would had been nice! I got only one “I’m sorry” and “we can recommend you a shoe repair place”! I took the shoes and left. I continue wearing them… and to top the first issue off, the leather part inside the shoes started falling apart! At that moment I said goodbye to Chanel forever!

    • Alex April 12, 2017 Reply

      Wow and OMG, I didn’t know the quality of the espadrilles were so bad because they’re so hot right now. Which size of the classic flap bag did you buy btw?

  15. Davida April 8, 2017 Reply

    The dye from my bag ran (in the rain) though not direct rain and ruined my coat. Chanel have advised me that that was to be anticipated and essentially it’s my fault for using an everyday bag in inclement weather.
    I am extremely disappointed in the bag and the customer services.

    • Shelley September 15, 2017 Reply

      This is so crazy – the same thing happened to me ! I purchased my bag at a Neiman Marcus store, spring, 2016. Exactly one year later, this incident happened to me. Chanel repair center keeps changing their minds on how to fix my bag. They say one thing, then a week later I get another call saying that original plan no longer exists. I am sick about this. This is my third bag from them and I can honestly say, it’s my last. The quality is garbage. Coco would be disgusted.

  16. Viktoria September 30, 2016 Reply

    My vintage Chanel Double Flap (small size) is not quilted on the sides of the bag. Is it normal? I don’t find any info about it in any forum..

    • J. September 30, 2016 Reply

      Hi Vik, this depends on the style. You see, Chanel flap bags have gone through many stages and changes in the past. They have come in different hardware, interior, sizes, quilting and so on. it is until Karl Lagerfeld took over and standardize the bag which is now known as the Classic Flap Bag.

      • Viktoria September 30, 2016 Reply

        Thanks for your reply! The overall style is the same as the classic ones, the only difference seems to be the abscence of side quilting ..

        • J. October 7, 2016 Reply

          Can you upload a image so I can get a better picture?

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