Christian Louboutin the Nudes Collection


I hope two loubies on a week is not too much to handle, because I needed to drop this post as soon as possible, way before these gorgeous shoes get sold-out.

You see, when we first published the Christian Louboutin 5 Shades of Nude Collection, which is basically the same collection but a different release, we were instantly told that they were sold-out. It was just 1 day after Louboutin announced it on their website. Gosh, and to avoid the same mistake, we needed to get you informed faster than roadrunner.

The 5 Shades Of Nude was not only limited, they were only available in a few selected stores. You were lucky if you could find a size that fits, but the success was amazing. Perhaps this is way Louboutin decided to re-release this collection.

What does the Nudes stands for? This is what Christian said in his own words: ‘These shoes disappear like magic and become a fluid extension of her legs, as in a sketch, elongating the silhouette. It should not remove the attention away from the legs or what she is currently wearing, it should give her an extra lift’.

Isn’t it amazing?

Yes it is, now the best thing ever; the new Nude Collection consist more than five shades. In fact, there are nine pumps to choose from. Allow me to share them…

Oh yes, available for $625 USD at Christian Louboutin boutique or e-store.










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