Christian Louboutin Spring Summer 2014 Bag Collection


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Christian Louboutin Spring Summer 2014 Bag Collection

Christian Louboutin Spring Summer 2014 Bag Collection


Procrastinate your shopping desire because Louboutin will be releasing their spring summer 2014 bags very soon. In our previous post we were fortunate to show you Louboutin’s new shoe collection that have not been published on their site (yet). They are dreamy shoes and just by looking, we fantasize how our life will be if we can have them all in our closet. This is not greed, but a girly-thing. And perhaps we can scratch a few items off our wish list, Christmas day is approaching anyway. The bags 2014 cruise collection is different than its last collection, instead of studs, we see bows and instead of rebellious styles, we see classy designs but sophisticated. I love the shoulder bag in black embellished with jewel-stone-like closure. The clutch in floral print is an exciting colorful bag that goes great with your spring sandals and short skirt. The trendy fashionista would choose the shoulder bag in transparent blue enriched with a sophisticated Louboutin studded closure. Studs have always been streaming in the vein of the brand, it returns every single year and this time, they have created a playful studded clutch decorated with candy colors like red, blue, yellow and pink. It looks like a big ice cream dipped on little sprinkles. Yummie, yummie, can I take a bite?

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