Chloe Tess Bag

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Chloe Tess Bag

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Chloe Tess Bag

Chloe Tess Bag

So when the Chloe Drew Bag marries to the Faye Bag and gets a baby, it will be called the Chloe Tess Bag. Can you see what we mean? The details of the iconic handbags have been used for designing the Tess Bag.

The Design

The Tess Bag is a medium large sized handbag and it’s great for everyday use. It has the body of the Drew Bag, which is nicely round-shaped featuring a gorgeous flap.

However, it has those large round rings that the Faye Bag also has. The Tess Bag is a sophisticated handbag and it’s built with the best of both worlds.

Made with combination of shiny calfskin and suede calfskin, the distinctive details of the bag are rings. There are rings on the top, connecting to the width shoulder strap. There are rings on the right side of the bag and there is a striking front loop on the front as well.

The house’s signature is crafted on the flap, just above the big front loop. The gold hardware is very eye-catching and shimmering. The round-shaped body will help store a lot of essentials, which makes it the perfect everyday bag.

The Interior

Chloe Tess Bag 3

Now let’s check out the inside. There is a main compartment with 1 front pocket and 1 flat pocket.

The Sizes And Prices

Chloe Small Tess Bag
Size: 7.9’ x 7.3’ x 2.8’ (W x H x D) inches
Prices: $1850 USD, €1390 EUR, £1250 GBP

Chloe Large Tess Bag
Size: 10.2’ x 8.7’ x 3.1’ (W x H x D) inches
Prices: $1990 USD, €1550 EUR, £1395 GBP

More Images And Colors

Chloe Tess Bag 2

Chloe Tess Bag 4

Chloe Tess Bag 5

Chloe Tess Bag 6

Chloe Tess Bag 7

Chloe Tess Bag 8

Chloe Tess Bag 9

Chloe Tess Bag 10

Chloe Tess Bag 11

Chloe Tess Bag 12

Chloe Tess Bag 13

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