Chloe Marcie Shoulder Bag

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Chloe Marcie Shoulder Bag

Chloe Marcie Shoulder Bag

Oh this? Is it the Chloe Marcie Satchel? No, this time Chloe has brought before you a shoulder version of this bag, namely the Chloe Marcie Shoulder bag packed by a convertible cross-body pattern that is best for day-to-day lifestyle, a youthful posh style, a timeless compact shape, soft grainy leather, a chic petite equestrian look; Marcie has always been a classic everyday bag since forever.

You know what’s the exciting concept of Chloe? It decided to use girl’s names for their bags, rendering a fresh, playful delicacy to them and this one here is named Marcie keeping in mind the same philosophy. Getting its source of inspiration from the fol-spirit of 70s that involves a raw-cut rich leather, hanging leather strips and large handles, this Chloe is an iconic piece.


Chloe marcie shoulder bag design

Of course there has to be a Chloe logo embossed in front! Besides, you have a sturdy handles attached with strong metallic buckle, contrast stitching and delicate stitching, hanging leather strip with metallic finishing, round shape, front pocket under the flap, adjustable shoulder strap, cute front tassel tennis racket inspired handle and a variety of impeccable leather varieties symbolic of Chloe.

Don’t just get started with the leather varieties now as there are many! You will find uneven grain natural leather, rich, supple and fully grained Calfskin, a polish python skin with minimalistic color palette. Chromium salts (in Chrome tanning) gives a thin grain and supple leather. However, the size of the grain varies from one part of the leather to another. Aniline finishing, Pull-up effect and Vegetable tanning are also done to make the leather extremely stunning. You know the transparent finishing where the real beauty of the leather is highlighted- that is actually the Aniline finishing.

The bag is innocent enough to withstand even your worst abuses; you can abuse it and still it will appear as brand new after a year. These Marcies wouldn’t develop any waives with aging they would still be perfect. Yes, you can put your Marcie bag on the floor and it will stand if it’s filled up. For your everyday use, this crossbody shoulder bag is just perfect and effortless and comfy as well. So, don’t you think it to be your next great investment? As this Chloe Marcie Shoulder bag is worth every single dollar.


Chloe Marcie Shoulder Bag Interior

Wow! You can very well carry your DSLR camera inside this chic Chloe Marcie Shoulder bag the whole week and it will turn to be fine. No damage, no wear and tear! The inside is roomy enough to carry all your essential stuff without getting too heavy for your poor hands. What’s more? Well, you can easily get in and out of this super-chic made-in-Italy piece without giving yourself much trouble. Moreover, the bag is further blessed with twill lining and internal slot pocket for organization. Oh! And how can we not mention the pocket under the front flap that is for more and more space.


Chloe Marcie Shoulder Bag Sizes

From Left To Right: Small, Medium

Chloe Small Marcie Shoulder Bag6.5’ x 7.5’ x 3.5’ (H x W x D) inches
Chloe Medium Marcie Shoulder Bag10’ x 12’ x 4.5’ (H x W x D) inches

Leathers And Materials

Chloe Marcie Shoulder Bag Leathers



Chloe Marcie Shoulder Bag Colors

From Left To Right: Black, Cork Beige, Cashmere Grey, Softy Brown

Chloe Marcie Shoulder Bag Colors

From Left To Right: Royal Navy, Nut, Tan, Teal Green

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