Chloe Elsie Small Shoulder Bag: A Deluxe Jewelry


Chloe Elsie Small Shoulder Bag in Celtic Night

My friend Fanny P. said it best: ‘A brand needs three elements to steal our heart: design, quality and fame’. Missing one of them is like a two-legged chair trying to hold its balance and that can be fatal. But Chloe Elsie shoulder bag doesn’t need to worry at all because the smallest size is determined to climb up the ladder of FAME. That doesn’t really surprise me, fashion has set its mark on this timelessly elegant bag that reads: ‘forever young’. It’s like a piece of a royal beauty that delivers a sense of proudness whenever you take it out of your closet.

Oh my, the Chloe Elsie small shoulder bag gives you almost the equal appeal when you are looking at a classic bag. The luxury starts at the turn-lock closure embedded with the iconic Chloe logo and a small signature plate sticking on the front flap that looks like a deluxe jewelry. The thin, but strong twisted chain-link shoulder strap adds up a touch of a lady-like wear for the modern heiress. And the fact that Chloe is famous for its impeccable quality is more than enough to compensate for the price. Oh, I forgot to tell you: it’s made from sheepskin with lambskin lining, so ‘how chic do you want to have it?’

I am standing behind my judgment. The Chloe Elsie small shoulder bag in Celtic Night has taken over my heart and mind. This is the ultimate color for the highest luxury appeal that it’s already bragging if you simply carry it over your shoulder. At Forward by Elyse Walker for $1,495.



Chloe Elsie Small Shoulder Bag in Black

Black is the color that can never banned from the fashion world. We can’t live without it and it fit perfectly with the Chloe Elsie Shoulder bag in small. Wear it from spring to winter as an everyday bag, it’s effortless. At Forward by Elyse Walker for $1,495.



Chloe Elsie Small Shoulder Bag in Beige

Why not fall for the charm of the color beige? Very sophisticated and yet versatile to jazz up your look. At Forward By Elyse Walker for $1,495




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  • Max


    Wow! Exquisite!…. But id rather add an extra $800 and get the Alexander Wang Heroine bag. That bag is gorg!!

    June 21, 2013

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