Chloe Drew Bijou Clutch

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Chloe Drew Bijou Clutch


Chloe Drew Bijou Clutch

Chloe Drew Bijou Clutches 6

The name of this Chloe Drew Bijou Clutch could be quite confusing. Why? Because we’re used to the round shape of the Drew Bag.

Chloe Drew Bag

The Original Chloe Drew Bag

Then on March 2018, Chloe came up with the Bijou version of the Drew Bag:

Chloe Drew Bijou Bag 10

The Chloe Drew Bijou Bag

And today, we have the Drew Bijou Clutch Bag. So the clutch version doesn’t have the moon-shape, but instead it’s built with a rectangle shape.

The Design

Nevertheless, the Drew Bijou Clutch is extremely obsessive. It designed streamlined, feminine and timeless looking. This handbag deserves to be on your wish list.

The body is crafted in solid colors and it’s embellished with the minimalism concept. The front flap is attached with one of the house’s most popular object – endless of rings.

The Bijou style is very impressive because the golden rings are going to attract a lot of eyes. The bag looks magnificent anyway, but the rings are put in the center and boast the elegant appeal.

The flap opens and closes via the magnetic closure. And even tough it’s called a clutch, it does come with a shoulder strap that can be removed. The strap is long enough to carry on the shoulder or cross body.

The Interior

The interior comes with 1 main compartment and extra pockets.

The Prices And Sizes

Measuring 4.5’ x 7’ (H x W), priced at $8640 HKD, $1150 USD, €890 EUR, £825 GBP.

More Images And Colors

Chloe Drew Bijou Clutches 7

Chloe Drew Bijou Clutches

Chloe Drew Bijou Clutches 2

Chloe Drew Bijou Clutches 3

Chloe Drew Bijou Clutches 4

Chloe Drew Bijou Clutches 5

Chloe Drew Bijou Clutches 8

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