Charlotte Olympia Gummi Bear Golden Clutch


The movie Ted the bear was fun, but there is actually a fact behind it, do you remember the days when your Teddy Bear took over your heart? He was your best friend and you trusted him. You and Teddy did everything together and he would never betray or lie to you (partly because it can’t talk, but let’s don’t spoil the fun). Charlotte Olympia has reinvented our little dream by introducing a Gummi Bear Gold Plated Clutch, I love very much.

Wear all-black and this clutch will stand-out. People will shout: ‘Oh Mah Gah, so cute’. The Gummi Bear is printed with hearts on its hands and feet, it’s so adorable that I want to eat her up. Oh and take a look at her eyes, pretty huh?

Take your best friend back into your life, take it to parties, friend gatherings and shopping. At Net-A-Porter for €1.095.


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