Chanel x Monster Headphones


Don’t be deceived by ‘the little black tea’ or the ‘Coco Choco’, there’s actually more to learn than carrying a ‘basket’ and wandering in the ‘supermarket’. And remember that the Classic Flap Bag light pink is 100% Agneau, processed at 31 Rue Cambon and its 100% Chanel quality guaranteed. And if you had a pair of Google Glass, then perhaps you could zoom-in and noticed the brand-new Chanel Headphones around the neck of the supermodels.

The distance between technology and fashion are becoming narrow, iPhones are no longer considered ‘just’ a phone, they are a piece of accessory that you would love to carry around. It’s always better to play on an iPhone than an Alcatel phone.

And it was just a matter of time that Chanel cooperated with Monster in releasing these flawless Headphones. They are, of course, quilted and black, that’s why they match like apples and apples with your iconic Classic Flap Bags.

First spotted on the Fall Winter 2014 Catwalk, these accessories will probably be released together with the F/W 2014 Collection, the exact prices and release date is still unknown. But do you think Chanel will sell them for $30 bucks? Probably…[fill in the blank =)]




  • Fishabella


    omg!that’s totally awesome! Really luxury!

    April 27, 2014

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