Chanel WOC Halfmoon: A Must Have Wallet On Chain

Sassy Rodriguez

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Chanel WOC Halfmoon: A Must Have Wallet On Chain

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Chanel WOC Halfmoon: A Must Have Wallet On Chain

Details, Details And Details
If you ask which bag is the most unique one, then you might get an answer like the Halfmoon. This bag’s design is next to the lip stick bag very cute. The Halfmoon is made of caviar leather. From personal experience, this bag has the most space, because of its length. I think halfmoon does really worth its bucks.

The Chanel WOC bags are, to avoid double content please go to Chanel Envelope for more details about this bag…

Chanel WOC Classic Quilted Review
Style code: A15206
Size: 9.5’’ x 4.5’’ x 2’’
Prices: Available on – Chanel WOC Latest Prices

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5 thoughts on “Chanel WOC Halfmoon: A Must Have Wallet On Chain”

  1. Love your website!

    I actually bought the halfmoon in dark purple but decided to return it. It was my first Chanel purchase (YAY!!) and I was having second thoughts about both the color and size.

    The way I viewed the size was it was too small to fit the case of my sunglasses but a bit big to be as chic as the smaller WOC. While the color was great, I found that it was clashing with a lot of my outfits and that I definitely wanted something in black.

    Instead, I ended up getting a medium black calfskin caviar shw with distressed leather. They had just gotten the bag and I happened to be in the right place at the right time. Btw, I’ve been looking for it on your website and haven’t found it… yet!

    • Hi Emeness, the halfmoon is the largest size of the WOC, if that is too small, then the others are definetly too small too. the medium classic flap is more expensive, but WORTH every dime.

      Congratulation with your new bag!!

      BTW what are you looking for? An article about the medium black in distressed leather? (p.s. did you also looked at the 2.55 reissue in medium size distressed, what do you think about that?)

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