Chanel Summer 2014 Recap: A Tote, A Boy and the Frame


It has been a wild ride on Chanel’s rollercoaster, and so much confusion I think, for the Chanel lovers. First there was the Spring Summer 2014 Pre-collection and a few months later, they dropped the Spring Summer 2014 collection. Perhaps a famous quote can summarize my thoughts and feelings: ‘So Many Pretty Bags, So Little Time’. And I haven’t even mentioned about the Cruise 2014 Collection, it just breaks my heart that I find-out, very late, about the Chanel Gold Classic Bag. It has the mini size, the medium flap size with elegant CC signature on the front flap, such a beautiful bag.

And then once in a while, we want to summarize the pretties accessories ever dropped on this season. Of course, we are going to talk about the boys as the classic flap bags are almost always similar in design (I take my words back for the new sequins line from the SS2014 Collection).

Well, here they are – the first bag we want to print inside your brain is the new Chanel Trendy CC Tote, basically everything that has a CC in its name is stunning, but this tote is kind-of like a briefcase, and very elegant brief case. You see, you can find a golden tag on its top with CHANEL logo printed on it. And then of course, it’s quilted.

But oh boy, oh boy, the new Chanel Boy Reverso Flap Bag in Braided Sheepskin. You know this Collection right? The word Reverso comes from Reverse, it’s the reversed version of the Boy Quilted Bags. It was released in the SS2014 Pre-Collection, if you’ve missed it, don’t worry as the bag will return for the Fall Winter 2014 collection.

I also like you to meet the CC Frame Flap from the newest Spring Summer 2014 Collection. It’s beyond your expectation – A Black Classic Flap Bag attached to a shiny frame, finished with a signature tag that reads: Sac 1112, Chanel, Collection Privée. As a Chanel lover, I tried to figure out what the number 1112 means. Back in 2008, you could order the 2.55 jumbo in caviar just by telling the SA 1112 jumbo. I think it should refer to A0112, which is the medium size classic flap bag.

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Pictures courtesy of: Instagram ella-lapetiteanglaise

  • aida


    hi there, ive been looking up for images of chanel duo color small tote. i saw them in black in japan boutiques. they are in soft calf skin. with flap pocket at the front and the usual chanel pocket at the bag. the tote is without any zip. can anyone help? the price is around 447,000 yen (not that exac, but around that price). i forgot to take any pics when i was trying it. sighhhhhh

    May 20, 2014

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