Chanel Spring Summer Collection 2013

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Chanel Spring Summer Collection 2013


Sometimes I think: ‘Will my bag addiction EVER end?’ Well… not unless Chanel stops crafting gorgeous handbags. The pictures Chanel shows on their web are just teasers. The more you look, the quicker you get hooked. Chanel’s new spring summer collection 2013 features some sleek and fancy design.

Let’s look at the blue flap bag in hoop handles. Very similar to the one that Karl Lagerfeld introduced on the cat walk. It was called the Chanel hula hoop bag. It didn’t appeal to me at all. I thought: ‘Where is the appropriate spot to carry an oversized double XL hula hoop bag?’. But that all changes because this blue hula hoop bag is much smaller and more practical. It’s actually kinda cute.

The next bag that draw my attention is the clutch in lambskin adorned with chain. This clutch looks fabulous and amazingly chic. Looks very sporty too. If you own the new Audi in black, this bag is the perfect match!

1. Flap bag in lambskin with two hoop handles (blue)
2. Flap bag in lambskin with two hoop handles (red)
3. Flap bag in lambskin
4. Camera case in lambskin
5. Flap bag in textured cotton knit
6. Flap bag embellished with sequins
7. Clutch in lambskin adorned with interlaced chains
8. Hand-held clutch in lambskin
9. Flap bag in hand-braided lambskin
10. Flap bag in suede calfskin with handmade trim












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15 thoughts on “Chanel Spring Summer Collection 2013”

  1. Hi there,

    Do you happen to know how much is Chanel Blue Plaid Cotton Flap bag in US? I couldn’t find price anywhere. thanks

  2. Hii, i stumbled across your website when was tryna find a Chanel bag. Its the Chanel maxi chain around bag if am not mistaken. Do you noe which one am talking about?? If soo can you help me with where i can find it and the price. Your help will be much apreciated xx

  3. Thanks for the great information! I just came back from London, I am new to Chanel bags and yet bought a Chanel black flap SHW jumbo (it’s 12″) from Harrods.

    However I wasn’t sure which model is it as the receipt only stated Chanel black caviar. Its different from the usual flap, under the flap, there was a silver zip closure with Chanel logo leather wrapped. I believe it was new design since it was displayed on the shelves…dumb me for not asking when I bought it…I was trying on it and it feels good so I bought it. Wonder if can you help about the model name of this bag? Many thanks!

  4. Hi, sorry this is an unrelated comment but I’ve stumbled upon your site because I’m interested in buying the CHANEL GST from Heathrow in August. I noticed you said the CHANEL Heathrow store doesn’t stock ‘classic’ bags. I’m a newbie to CHANEL – what does that mean? Do they stock the GST? I live in London but will be travelling to the States, so I’m thinking of buying my first CHANEL from the airport. Thanks in advance and great website! x

    • Did I? =D

      No, Heathrow does stock classic bags, but not the iconics like the Chanel classic flap, reissue 2.55. Someone spotted the GST there, it’s also a classic. Also the Chanel Classic Biarittz tote is still available!


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