Chanel Spring Summer 2016 Ad Campaign Featuring Trolleys



Chanel Spring Summer 2016 Ad Campaign Featuring Trolleys


Chanel Spring Summer 2016 Ad Campaign Featuring Trolleys


Presenting the Chanel Spring Summer 2016 Ad Campaign and we’d like to answer this question: ‘Are Chanel trolleys going to be the hottest accessories for the next collection?’.

Well, I am not sure, but we do know that, from observing this ad campaign, Chanel will be introducing a series of functional Trolleys and Luggage to help you travel around the world.


But here’s what you need to know: the last real-attempt to wow you with Chanel Trolleys was back in 2014. During the Fall Winter 2014 Runway (you remember? The Supermarket concept?) Collection the fashion house made luxurious trolleys inspired by the Chanel Classic Flap Bag – it was quilted, embellished with the exact interwoven chain link and a front flap.

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The new trolleys are going to be more sophisticated and you will have more choices in prints and colors. On the top of that, the trolleys come with a travel bag on the top. Oh yes, there is one trolley that will help you skip a beat. Take a look at the Chanel Trolley in Tweed and the enormous Classic Flap Bag on the top – with woven chain, CC closure as a travel bag. So what do you think ladies?







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4 thoughts on “Chanel Spring Summer 2016 Ad Campaign Featuring Trolleys”

  1. The trolley and travel bag in tweed is my absolute fave! I saw it in the runway show, which was super cute being an airport theme. That set will be mine. Do you have a style number or pricing for the piece?

    As far as the clothing, I love the navy blazer as well as the other jacket in the same frame. The skirt, directly under the blazers, is adorable. I love classic pieces that will stand the test of time.


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