Chanel Price Increase Report Sept 2017 Part 2



Chanel Price Increase Report Sept 2017 Part 2


Chanel Price Increase Report Sept 2017 Part 2


Just a week ago, Chanel increased the prices of their Classic handbags including the wallets and WOC’s. Only a few Asian countries were affected by this new price policy.

We also did some research about the Boy Bags at that time and concluded that they haven’t increased in prices at all. What a surprise, what lucky – that’s what we thought.

But this was just a dream, because Chanel was postponing the price changes, or they waited until the Chanel Fall Winter 2017 Collection Act 2 was released. Now the Boy Bags have increased as well.

How do we know?

Because we did another research after the latest collection was released and saw the prices of the Boy Bags jumped by more than 6% and in some countries even 9%.

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So Which Countries Have Been Affected Again?

This is an extension of the previous price increase report. The countries that have been affected by this new Boy Bag price increase policy are Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan and Canada.

Australia and Malaysia prices remained the same.

Europe, UK and the US prices have also stayed the same (for now, because we never know when the next price change will occur).

Chanel Boy Bag Price Increase In Singapore

The Singapore Boy Bag prices went up by 6,30% compared to the previous prices. The Small Classic Boy Bag for example, went up from $5710 SGD to $6070 SGD. That’s a jump of $360 SGD.

Chanel Boy Bag Price Increase In Hong Kong

The Boy Bag prices in Hong Kong went up more than Singapore prices. In average, the prices soared by 9,60%. Imagine the old price of the Boy New Medium Bag at $31200 HKD. The price today is now $34200 HKD and the difference is $3000 HKD.

There is also good news though; the Small Boy Bag price remained the same.

Chanel Boy Bag Price Increase In Japan

In Japan, the prices of the Boy Bags went up higher than in Singapore, but not as much as Hong Kong. In average, the price increased by 7.9%. The Old Medium Boy Bag was retailing for ¥475200 JPY, but it has now increased to ¥513000 JPY.

Chanel Boy Bag New Prices In Canada

We were amazed when we knew about the new Boy Bag prices in Canada because the classic bags haven’t increased at all. But we should never say ‘never’ – let’s cross our fingers and knock three times at the wooden table. Knock knock, and knock!

The Small Boy Bag prices were decreased by as little as 0.51%, but the Old Medium Boy Bag Prices and the New Medium Bag Prices were both increased by around 8 to 9 percent.

Where Can I See The New Boy Bag Prices Of These Countries?

You can find the new prices via our updated pages. Go to Chanel Bag Prices for the latest details.

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