Chanel Price Increase Report August 2017


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Chanel Price Increase Report August 2017

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Chanel Price Increase Report August 2017

Chanel-trendy-cc-woc-fbThe last time we’ve recorded Chanel’s price changes was in May. We’ve written an extensive report about the new prices of the iconic bags like Chanel Classic Flap Bags and the Boy Bags, and we’ve compared them with the old prices.Today we’re going to share the price increases of the upcoming classics. These bags are on their way to join the iconic collection of the house. They’ve returned in almost every season because of their popularity. The price increases have affected almost in every country. The price increase is different per country and per product, it ranges from as low as 1% to as high as 10% ore more.“What you need to know is that we post price increases of specific products, which mean that only certain products have gone up in prices. If we post about the price increase of the Chanel Trendy CC WOC, it doesn’t mean that all WOCs have increased in price.”

Chanel Maxi Coco Handle Bag with Lizard Handle Price Increase

Chanel-Coco-Handle-Bag-Price-IncreaseFor those that are not familiar with the Chanel Coco Handle Bag, it comes in 5 different sizes. This version is actually the Maxi size; it’s much taller than the Large size. We compared the prices with the previous seasons and came to an conclusion that the new prices of these bags were increased in Europe, Singapore, Australia and the highest in China.
The Maxi Coco Handle Bag with Lizard HandleNew PricesPrevious Prices
Europe€3990 euro€3890 euro
Singapore$6410 SGD$6250 SGD
Australia$6120 AUD$5960 AUD
China¥31500 CNY¥30100 CNY

The Maxi Coco Handle Bag with Lizard HandlePrice New Vs Old in %

Read more about the Chanel Coco Handle Bag.

Chanel Business Affinity Bag Price Increase

Chanel-Business-Affinity-Bag-Price-IncreaseThe Business Affinity Bag is a modern but distinctive handbag. It looks classy, chic and so different than the classic handbags. The prices of these bags were increased in Japan and China, but only modest below 2%.
The Small Business Affinity BagNew PricesPrevious Prices
Japan¥361800 JPY¥355320 JPY
China¥22900 CNY¥22500 CNY

The Small Business Affinity BagPrice New Vs Old in %

Chanel Large Classic Tote Price Increase

Chanel-Large-Classic-Bag-Price-IncreaseThe Chanel Large Timeless Bag is very special because it should be ‘the bag’ that replace the Grand Shopping Tote. The prices of this beautiful tote bag went up in the UK and Singapore. However, it has decreased slightly with 3% in Hong Kong. UK has the highest price increase of 10%.
The Large Classic Tote BagNew PricesPrevious Prices
UK£3510 GBP£3180 GBP
Singapore$6020 SGD$5910 SGD
Hong Kong$30300 HKD$31500 HKD

The Large Classic Tote BagPrice New Vs Old in %
Hong Kong-3.81%

Read more about the Chanel Large Classic Tote Bag. Do you want to know more prices, checkChanel Large Classic Tote Bag Prices.

Chanel Golden Class Double CC WOC Price Increase

Chanel-Golden-Class-WOC-Price-IncreaseWhat we have not expected is the price increase of the upcoming stars like the Chanel Golden Class Double CC WOC. The price of this bag went up in many countries, but it has increased the highest in the UK, Hong Kong, China, Singapore and Canada.
The Golden Class Double CC WOCNew PricesPrevious Prices
UK£1990 GBP£1690 GBP
Australia$3530 AUD$3220 AUD
Hong Kong$18600 HKD$16700 HKD
China¥18200 CNY¥15500 CNY
Singapore$3700 SGD$3180 SGD
Japan¥287280 JPY¥262440 JPY
Canada$3225 CAD$2700 CAD

The Golden Class Double CC WOCPrice New Vs Old in %
Hong Kong11.38%

Chanel Trendy CC WOC Price Increase

Another one of our favorite handbag is the Trendy CC WOC because of the chic golden signature plate as well as the classy look. The price went up in many countries, but Singapore, China and Canada have been hit the hardest, by more than 10%.
The Trendy CC WOCNew PricesPrevious Prices
United States$2500 USD$2400 USD
Europe€2515 euro€2410 euro
UK£2200 GBP£2030 GBP
Hong Kong$19800 HKD$18900 HKD
Australia$3700 AUD$3590 AUD
Singapore$3990 SGD$3590 SGD
China¥19500 CNY¥17500 CNY
Japan¥324000 JPY¥306720 JPY
Canada$3500 CAD$3100 CAD

The Trendy CC WOCPrice New Vs Old in %
United States4.17%
Hong Kong4.76%

Read more about the classic WOC prices.
Once again, those who hestitate and procrastinate have been slammed with higher prices. The price increase of the WOCs might look small because the mini bag is less expensive than the bigger handbags.But when you look at the percentage of more than 10%, it’s quite a lot.So what are you going to do now? Keep buying Chanel or quitting? And what do you think about the new prices?Chanel-price-increase-report-2017

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