Chanel Price Increase 2018


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Chanel Price Increase 2018

Chanel Price Increase 2018

Perhaps we should start looking at Chanel more as an investment than just a product. The rates in which the price increases are truly stunning. This is the Chanel Price Increase 2018 Overview; we will try to give you a summary of what has happened in 2018 compared to the years before.

The S&P500 reached a new all-time-high of $1500 USD in January 2013 and climbed to $2850 USD as per today (Aug 2018). If you had invested $1000 USD, then that would be almost $2000 USD today. That’s an increase of almost 100%.

Or you could invest in fashion like Chanel Bags. The Chanel Maxi Classic Flap Bag was just priced at $3295 USD in 2011 and it climbed to $6400 USD as per today. That’s also an increase of about 100%.

But if S&P500 market will crash one day, do you think that your Chanel Bag will decrease in value as well?

No, I don’t think so.

Chanel Prices In The United States

Chanel Classic Bag Prices Years US

In November 2017, the Chanel Classic Bag prices jumped sky-high in the United States. But the price-tag of this bag hasn’t changed since 2014, so the action might look innocent and reasonable.

But when comparing to other countries, the US has one of the highest price tag. The Jumbo Classic Flap Bag is retailing for $5900 USD while Europe has priced the same bag at $5712 USD (equivalent of the €4990 euro) and that’s tax included.

US beats even Hong Kong, which is one of the most expensive places to shop with a tiny differences of $80 USD.

The Rise Of Gabrielle Bag

Chanel Gabrielle Bag Prices Years US

There is no doubt that the Chanel Gabrielle Bag has become the next icon of the house. Since the launch in 2017, the price of this bag went up by more than 21%. The demand keeps increasing, thus Chanel will gradually move the price higher and higher. It will only get worst in the future.

A return of 21% doesn’t sound bad right? Perhaps it’s even better than investing in the S&P500 as you can wear it, nurture it, touch it and even brag about it. The Gabrielle Bag is tangible and can be sold to get cash back or given away to your loved-ones.

Chanel Prices In The Euro Countries

Chanel Classic Bag Euro 3

The M/L Classic Flap Bag was €3100 euro in 2012 and today it’s €4480 euro. That’s around 45% price increase after 6 years.

Chanel Classic Boy Bag Euro 3

The Boy went up even more. If you’ve bought the Small Boy Classic Bag in 2012, you would have paid €1800 euro. The price doubled 6 years later, today it’s retailing for €3660 euro.

How Chanel Coco Handle Bag Jumped 33% Within 3 Years

chanel coco handle bag euro 3

The Coco Handle Bag was launched in 2015, so we have retained some data’s. The Small Coco Handle was retailing for €3000 euro in 2015 and today it’s priced at €3990 euro, which is an increase of 33% increase.

Malaysia Is The Best Place To Shop In Asia

Have you ever heard about Chanel Price Decrease? It sounds like music to my ears, it makes me dance, but it doesn’t happen often.

Chanel Classic Bag Prices Years Malaysia

Chanel Boy Bag Prices Years Malaysia

And June 2018 was the month for Malaysia to dance, it was the moment when the 6% GST tax was officially abolished and Chanel reacted to this new regulation. The Chanel Bag Prices in Malaysia immediately dropped, dragging the Classic Bags as well as the Seasonal Bags to the floor with more than 8%.

8% was more than the 6% consumer tax, which as surprising. It puts Malaysia to be one of the most attractive places to shop Chanel in Asia for local people as well as tourists.

However, it still didn’t beat Europe and with the tax-refund, it remains at the #1 spot to shop.

Comparing Malaysia: The Classic Bags

Let’s compare the Classic Bag, Boy Bag and the Seasonal Bag Prices in Malaysia versus other Asian Countries.

The rules of the charts: each chart is comparing the prices with Malaysia. But in order to make the comparison work, the MYR prices are converted to the country concerned.

Chanel classic Bag Prices asia vs Malaysia 2

Chanel classic Bag Prices asia vs Malaysia

Except for Australia, the other Asian countries are pricier to buy the classic Bag comparing to Malaysia.

Comparing Malaysia: The Boy Bags

Chanel Boy Bag Prices asia vs Malaysia

Chanel Boy Bag Prices asia vs Malaysia 2

Comparing Malaysia: The Seasonal Bags

As a side note: the Chanel Small Coco Luxe Flap Bag is selected as an example for this comparison analysis. This bag is released in Spring Summer 2018 Collection Act 1 and the style code is A57086.

Chanel Seasonal Bag Prices Asia vs Malaysia 2

Chanel Seasonal Bag Prices Asia vs Malaysia

Fashion is full of surprises. Even tough the Classic And Boy Bags are cheaper to purchase in Malaysia, but the Seasonal Bags are can be bought for better prices in other cities in Asia.

Stay Tuned, we will posts more analysis of 2018 later on.

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