Chanel New Classic Flap Bag With King-size Double CC And Metal Pieces


Oke Chanel, now we know that you are going to release a brand-new Chanel classic flap bag, please keep the Lego clutch to yourself. I am not a lego-fan anyway and your new flap bag is giving me the ‘itch itch’. I am going all in for this one.

For the fall winter 2013/2014 release, the extraordinary new flap is a mix between the classic elegant style and the tougher version of the famous boy flap. While the soft and smooth leather is made to feed our feminine’s appetite, the metal pieces put together in the front is giving an bolder feel.

The new flap comes with a shoulder strap quite similar to the Chanel easy flap, metal chain strap attached to the leather handle, to give comfort when you want to carry it around your shoulder. Surrounded by 6 large metal pieces, it’s neutralizing the unnecessary attention drawn by the king-size double CC logo. (Now imagine the bag without the metal pieces). When you carefully zoom in, you will also notice a small metal block (almost like a charm) with the Chanel CC signature printed, located on the right side of the chain strap. How cute and gentle! You see, enjoying Chanel is all about details.

The new Chanel classic flap bag with metal pieces will be released in store in September 2013, next month! And is available in the colors: Dark blue, light blue, yellow, white, black, red and fall red. The price? It’s expected to be £2.735 or around €3,100 EUR.

Are you also getting the itch itch? Drop a comment below.






  • Juliana


    Why do you call the boy infamous?

    September 4, 2013
    • Alex


      Our writer use the wrong term, we change it. Thanks for letting us know =).

      September 6, 2013
  • Dorothy


    Now, i’m so loving this!

    August 28, 2013

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