Chanel Mademoiselle Bag


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Chanel Mademoiselle Bag

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Chanel Mademoiselle Bag


There are a lot of classic handbags that have broken our hearts because of being discontinued. Can you remember the Petite Shopping Tote? The Medallion Tote? Or the Mademoiselle Bag? They are all discontinued. But these handbags were once the shining stars because they were considered the forever-classics. And why there are not with us now, nobody knows but Chanel.

One of the most craved handbags was certainly the Chanel Mademoiselle Bag. This handbag was released in 2011 and it became an instant hit. Now the name ‘Mademoiselle’ have been used a lot in new handbags, so don’t confuse it with the Mademoiselle Vintage Bag.

The Design



The ultimate feminine handbag in the world, how could Chanel discontinue such a beauty? Everything about the Mademoiselle Bag is perfect! It’s diamond quilted just like the Classic Flap Bag, however it doesn’t look anything like it. This bag is standing on its own; it’s authentic, it has its own personality and charisma.

Refined with the shape of a bowling bag, there were 5 different sizes designed to fulfill any woman’s desire. The mini and small size were perfect for the evening use, the medium size was ideal for the daily carry and then there were large and maxi size for the busy woman.

This bag looks as timeless as the classic handbags. It’s crafted in either woven chain strap or just jewel-like chains for shoulder or cross body carry. The beautiful curvy shape makes you feel proud because it upgrades any style you choose.

Instead of embellishing the CC logo on the handbag, Chanel decided to hang a stunning CC charm on the eyelet. Obsessive, isn’t?

Now here’s the bad news. This handbag is not available anymore at the boutiques because the production has been stopped. However, you might be able to find it pre-owned or in new condition but in consignment stores or re-sellers. See below where you can purchase.

The Interior


This bag feels luxurious and soft. The interior is divided with two open top compartments. One of the compartments is secured with a zip. There is also an internal zip pocket to help you organize your important essentials.

The Prices And Sizes


There are 5 different sizes available:

Chanel Mini Mademoiselle Bag
Size: 9.3’ x 5.5’ x 4.1’ inches
Prices in 2012: $2150 USD (satin)

Chanel Small Mademoiselle Bag
Size: 11.8’ x 6.3’ x 4.3’ inches
Prices in 2012: $2450 USD (calfskin), $2500 USD (patent)

Chanel Medium Mademoiselle Bag
Size: 14’ x 6.9’ x 6’ inches
Prices in 2012: $2700 (calfskin)
Prices in 2017 pre-owned: $3002 USD, €3124 euro, £2753 GBP, $4049 SGD (lambskin)

Chanel Large Mademoiselle Bag
Size: 14.2’ x 10.2’ x 6.3’ inches
Prices in 2012: $3225 USD (calfskin)

Chanel Maxi Mademoiselle Bag
Size: 18.1’ x 11’ x 9.1’ inches
Prices in 2012: $3500 USD (calfskin)

Where to shop Chanel Mademoiselle Bag?

1. Farfetch – you can find the Mademoiselle Bag here, but the stock is low.

2. Farfetch – find for more vintage Classic Chanel handbags.

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