Chanel Lady Clutch with Chain


For women who are on a lookout to finding a New Chanel bag to complement their style, look no further as the odds are in your favor. Presenting the Chanel Lady Clutch with Chain, which looks every bit of a feminine bag fancy!

The Chanel Lady Clutch with Chain is something we’re excited to talk about because of its unique and distinctive design. If you’ll observe, it actually features two designs as the middle is styled in a clutch-like fashion while it is elegantly wrapped in thick diamond quilting. The other feature you’ll also notice would be the round-like clasp in the middle, which has double purposes: for security and ease of access.

With an irresistible aesthetic appeal, this bag exudes nothing but femininity. You’ll definitely know what we are talking about if you take a good look at it. Aside from this, this Chanel bag features the CC logo in the middle for instant brand recognition. It also has an interwoven chained shoulder strap so you can carry it by the shoulder or cross-body.

This is a cute mini bag, even cuter than the WOC but not as functional due to its smaller size. This lady-like bag is perfect as a mini evening bag or special evenings because of its chic design.

We do not have the style code, sizes or the prices, please check with the SA.

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Pictures courtesy of: shopping_spb

  • Suna Khan-Khwao


    I loved because is bright!. And happy color:).i also love theChanel woc small❤️

    November 28, 2017

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