Chanel Gold Chevron Reissue 2.55 Mini Bag



Chanel Gold Chevron Reissue 2.55 Mini Bag


Chanel Gold Chevron Reissue 2.55 Mini Bag


The Chanel Reissue 2.55 Mini Bag just jeeps getting better and better! This time around, brazen it out and take on a bold front as this favorite comes in a Gold Chevron version. Oops, don’t tell us we didn’t warn you.

Sparkly, golden and royal in all its angles, one should feel utmost proud toting this Chanel Gold Chevron Reissue 2.55 Mini Bag around her shoulders. Yes, you’ll definitely be the eye of envy with this bag in hand.

My oh my, it’s really gorgeous! Should be way it again and out loud? Fresh from the oven, one should get her hands on this beauty before it runs out. Now don’t ever say that all that glitters is not gold since this particular bag would be an exception.

Let’s take a closer and meticulous look. This bag refrained from the usual diamond quilting effect and instead, it embraced the chevron quilting which made it all the more pretty in our eyes. The turn-up lock is also noteworthy paired with the golden chain straps.

Now ladies heed our advice and head on to the nearest Chanel store near you as we predict that big things are about to come for this newbie bag in town! Again, don’t blame us for we’ve already given you a heads up.

We do not have the prices and sizes, if you have more info, then put them in the comment section.

Pictures courtesy of: lux_brands_boutique

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