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Chanel Gift Box With 4 Classic Bags

Chanel Gift Box With Classic Bags

The mother of all gifts must be this Chanel Gift Box. There is nothing like this in the high fashion world – our favorite addictions inside a box. It’s like opening a chocolate box, but then better.

The Chanel Gift Box is already the best present you can ever get. It’s designed in diamond quilting like a big cosmetic case that features a mirror inside. And when you open it, there are 4 little bags waiting for you to carry. Not 1, but 4 classic bags. OMG!

The Classic Flap Bag, the Reissue 2.55 Bag, the Boy Bag and the Gabrielle Bag are all waiting for you inside, like a little baby.

You don’t need to purchase another WOC or Mini Clutch anymore, you got these!

And because it’s a limited edition, it will also be the best gift you will ever get, with the highest value. The resale value will be amazing when it’s no longer available. But who wants to sell these babies? Nobody with a clear mind.

These micro bags in a box are priced at around 3 Chanel M/L Classic Flap Bags. So the price would be around $28000 USD via Chanel boutiques.

UPDATED ARTICLE: Chanel Sets Of 4 Mini’s Bags

Chanel Gift Box With Classic Bags

  • Anonymous


    I purchased a CHANEL handbag in 2019 & paid less than $200, but can’t remember the
    name of the company — does anyone know what the name of the company was?

    February 16, 2020
    • Nancy


      Selluxury maybe?

      February 17, 2021

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