Chanel FW2014 Bag Pre-Collection Special View by Karl Lagerfeld


I lost count, how many releases have we got from CHANEL this year?

And just to make sure we are on the same line; the Fall Winter 2014 Collection haven’t been dropped yet, you know the bags we enjoyed at the Chanel Supermarket Runway. So before you decide to go ‘all-in’, remember that you need to reserve some budget for the next spree (shopping spree).

For those that crave for their own Boy Bag, but can’t buy because the prices are too steep, Chanel purposely designed a lower priced version crafted from Velvet. You can see more at Chanel Boy Fall Winter 2014 Pre-Collection.

The Chanel Flap Bag with Retro Clasp got their own redesign too, instead of using leather, they are now made in Jersey, also lower priced than the original version. Read more at Chanel Seasonal Fall Winter 2014 Pre-Collection.

Now let’s talk about this article, a series of snapshots in black and white made by Karl Lagerfeld. The purpose of this post is to open your eyes for the new accessories, like…


This brand-new Chanel Accordion Handbag (name described on Chanel official website). We know that this gorgeous bag is called the Chanel Gold Class Double CC Flap bag (click this link to know learn about it), released for the Cruise 2014 Collection. We have been asked numerous times whether this bag is available or not, well here is your answer.

You will probably also want to know its ‘new’ style code and prices, right?

Style code: A92537
Price around $3,400 USD – $3,800 USD.
Comparing to its previous version, the Chanel Gold Class Double CC Flap Bag from the Fall Winter 2014 Pre-Collection is made in patent and calfskin.



What you will also love is this latest Chanel Messenger Bag that comes with a long chain. It’s different than what we’ve been used to, the style is almost similar to the Chanel Chain Around Messenger Bags, which has unexpectedly returned for the Spring Summer 2014 Collection.












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