Chanel Flap Bag With An Interlaced Chain


Like every season, Chanel put their heart and soul in crafting a beautiful flap bag that meets our desire at an affordable price. For the girls who have already given up chasing the ‘classic flap bag’, we have found another alternative. Though we’ve already covered this in the fall and winter 2013 collection, we have yet to announce the prices. And literally we ‘almost’ dropped our jaw after finding out the cost for such a breathtaking quality shoulder bag. It must be seen to belief.

What makes the new flap bag with interlaced chain so unique? Let’s compare it with the world-famous Chanel classic flap bag, shall we? Embellished with diamond patterns, just like their classics, stitched together with love and more love. Don’t miss out the iconic CC lock in the front, a stand-out piece that makes a lot of girls drool. The interwoven chain is magical, it changes your attitude when you sling it around your shoulder. And have we convinced you yet, that the beauty can always be found in the details? If you zoom into the CC lock, you will actually find a small signature plate that reads: Chanel CC Chanel. How classic!


Now you must be wondering; ‘what is it going to cost me?’. The price for the medium size is: €1.750 and $2,600. The small size is priced at €1.600 and $2,300. Are you thinking what I am thinking? The difference in price is not that much. Oh geez, why take the small if you can get the medium right?

A few more details. First they are made from lambskin and the size for the medium is: 5.5 x 8.3 x 1.8 inches. The small size is 7.1 x 5.7 x 1.6 inches. Well, I just looked at my watch and it’s almost hunting time. Are your ready?


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