Chanel Diamond Quilted Chevron Flap Bag


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Chanel Diamond Quilted Chevron Flap Bag

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Chanel Diamond Quilted Chevron Flap Bag


Do you sometimes catch yourself daydreaming wishing you could have the best of both worlds? Well well, there’s no need to wish upon a star as this Chanel Quilted Chevron Flap Bag is everything you could ever ask for in an everyday bag.

You could easily notice the striking difference of this bag with all the other Chanel flap bags for this bag is partly chevron quilted and partly diamond quilted. Talk about having two fashionable bags with the price of one.

Let’s talk more about the bag details. It features a somewhat sparkly and equally beautiful CC logo, interwoven chain link and a handle on the top. There you go again, multi-functionality and flexibility in just one bag.

What’s more exciting is that this bag comes in medium and large sizes making it ideal for everyday use. The medium size is priced €2300 euro while the large size is priced €2880 euro via Chanel boutiques.



Pictures courtesy of: worldwide_shopper

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4 thoughts on “Chanel Diamond Quilted Chevron Flap Bag”

  1. Hi there,

    Re: Chanel Diamond quilted/Chevron boy bag (black/patent/size: M or L)

    This is indeed my dream bag!

    I am interested in the black/patent size M or L (exactly as the photo shows). Where I can buy it as I have never seen this design at my local Chanel Boutique (Singapore). Besides the colour black & white, are there choices of other colours/hardware/leather types available? Price information as well?

    Thanks & best regards,

    • Hi Jacky, this is a bag from 2016. We have seen this design return 1 time after the first release. Perhaps in the future it will come back as well. But Im certain some online consignment stores have them as well. We will keep it posted here when this style comes back.

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