Chanel Classic Rectangle Chain Clutch

Here’s a brand-new Chain Clutch from the Fall Winter 2018 Collection Act 1. And the first question that we all have in our mind is; does it fit an iPhone or Samsung?

Well, it’s a great question that we’d love to answer. And by the way, this bag is called the Chanel Classic Rectangle Chain Clutch.

The Design

The reason why it’s called the classic is because the design looks very similar like the Classic Flap Bag. The two immediate notable details are the smooth CC logo, the diamond quilting and the woven chain leather strap for shoulder and cross body carry.

But this is a new style because we haven’t seen such a bag in rectangle shape before. The top is made with double zip for easy access and decoration purpose. The body is made from lambskin. This is a stunning evening bag, but does it fit your phone?

First of all, this bag is sized at 3.9’ x 7.5’ x 1.6’ inches.

The iPhone 8 is measured 5.45’ x 2.65’ x 0.29’ (H x W x D) inches. The iPhone 8+ is measured 6.24’ x 3.07’ x 0.3’ (H x W x D) inches. The iPhone 7 and the 7+ have about the same measurements. The iPhone SE is much smaller.

The iPhone x 5.65’ x 2.79’ x 0.3’ inches.

The conclusion? Yes the iPhone 8, 8+, 7, 7+ and the iPhone X does fit inside this little bag.

But how about the Samsung?

The Samsung S9+ is measured 6.22’ x 2.91’ x 0.33’ inches, the S9 is measured 5.81’ x 2.70’ x 0.33’ inches. The S8+ and the S8 have around the same size as the S9+ and S9,

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is measured 6.37’ x 3.01’ x 0.35’ inches.

So the conclusion is: the Samsung S9+, S9 and S8, S8+ and the Note 9 all fit inside this bag.

The Interior

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The interior is made with two compartments and it’s crafted with burgundy lining (just like the classics). There is also a back pocket.

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