Chanel Classic Jumbo Flap Bag Review

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Chanel Classic Jumbo Flap Bag Review


The Chanel jumbo classic flap and the medium flap are two most famous handbags of the Chanel timeless collection. They come with different colors, leathers and chains. The toughest decision you will ever make is to pick the right style. But then again, the Chanel jumbo and medium flap are very quickly out of stock, so you might not want to be very picky.

I find the Chanel jumbo flap bag the best size you can have. The medium flap bag can only hold your most important essentials and no more than that, while the maxi flap bag is too big. The Chanel jumbo is somewhere near the medium, but a bit larger of course. You can pack all your essentials and there is a slight room for some extra’s. That’s good enough for me.

The most popular Chanel medium and jumbo flap style
From experience at Bragmybag, the most common pick of the classic flap bag is black in caviar. Some people love golden hardware while others love silver.

The Chanel classic flap collection comes in four different sizes: the small flap, the medium/large flap, the jumbo flap and the maxi flap.
The first decision you must make is the right color. The Chanel classic bag comes in different colors, also dependent on the season:

– Black
– Beige
– White
– Pink (rare)
– Green
– silver
– light blue
– brown
– red

Everyone is screaming for the black in caviar. But a lot of people get disappointed because they are out of stock. Make sure you have a back-plan. What if they don’t your dream bag in stock, would you settle for a different color, different size, maybe a different type.

At Bragmybag, we have a lot alternatives bags that looks like the classic flap bag. You need to take your time and read our articles, so that you know what bags are available. There a lot of nice members in our community who would love to share their thoughts and the location where you can find your favorite bag. Like the extensive conversation we are having at Chanel products and information comment sections.

You might also want to join as a member at our forum.

Why do people love Chanel classic flap in black?
This might be an obvious question, but black is the safest color you can get. Chanel in black melt with all your styles in the wardrobe, it looks great on everything. And if you don’t like it, there’s a huge market to re-sell it to someone else.

I also highly recommend you buy your Chanel classic flap bag in black it’s your first time.


Left is silver hardware and right is golden hardware

What about the chains?
You don’t have much choice on the hardware, it’s just gold and silver right now. But still, what if you make a mistake? Which one should you choose?
I once received an email from a member: ‘Which hardware is the most famous, gold or silver?’. To be honest, I can’t answer that question, because there is an equal amount people who love the bag in gold as well as in silver.
It’s better to pick a hardware that you like than following the crowds. Do you usually wear silver or gold? Is it silver? Then pick the silver chain, if not pick the golden chain. They both looks great.

One note:
One of our members asked the SA in an Chanel boutique whether it’s possible to change the silver chain into the golden chain. Usually SA will reject your offer, but sometimes they can check what they can do. Generally, once you settle on a hardware, you can’t change it anymore.

I love silver because it neutralize the bag. It doesn’t scream for attention like the golden hardware. But the golden hardware does really looks cute with black. So it depends on your personal taste what you like.


Left is lambskin and right is caviar

Choosing Your Leather
So far, I haven’t met any people who have difficulty in picking the right leather. What leather you should choose depends on how you are going to use the bag and personal taste of course.
The most common leather to choose are caviar and lambskin. Let’s covers some good stuff and bad stuff:

What leather you are going to settle has a huge impact on your overall experience. Though both leather is embossed in the Chanel classic flap bag, the appeals are totally different.

Chanel Lambskin
Om my gosh, the Chanel lambskin is butterly soft. You will love it. If you touch it, you can actually feel the chic’ness, the royalty appeal. The lambskin is also much lighter than the caviar.

But there’s a catch: you might notice that the lambskin is easier to get scratched than the caviar. But that’s the price you have to pay.

Chanel Caviar
No one wants their Chanel bag to get abused, so most people choose caviar. The caviar feel very rough and the it’s heavier. But it’s more durable than the lambskin.

How to choose the right leather?
What is your personal preferences? Some people already knows what they want. But if not, you can ask yourself: ‘Is it going to be an everyday bag or for special occasions’. If it’s an everyday bag, I recommend buying in Chanel caviar. If not, then I recommend the lambskin.

If the lambskin was more durable, I bet everyone would choose lambskin. The softness and the chic appeal is irresistible. You can’t replace that feeling.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask in the comment section.

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71 thoughts on “Chanel Classic Jumbo Flap Bag Review”

  1. Hi I purchased a pale pink classic medium flap chevron in a grainy calf from the boutique recently with pale gold hw. I am now second guessing the color. Should I return for black instead? Did you say pink is rare?

    • Looks like you’ve doubts, I would trade it back to black if I were you. Pink is great, but you need to love that color. At the end, it’s all about what you like.

  2. Hi, i heard chanel classic flap is out of stock in many country due to the price will be increase by december 2016, is that true? even its unavailable in hk 🙁

  3. Question, I am thinking about selling my classic medium beige caviar and buying a medium boy chanel
    seasonal 2016. Is that wise?? My classic is in perfect condition with gold chain. Which one is the best

    • Hi Lynda, one question, your medium classic flap bag (the iconic one right?) Is it a single flap? Trading the Classic Flap Bag to a medium Boy is not smart imo, unless you don’t like the Classic Flap Bag. Both are iconic pieces.

  4. Hello I recently purchased a maxi lambskin second hand and want to know is it fake ? Everything is perfect but I’m not to sure about the bottom of the bag. Does anyone know what it’s supposed to look like?

  5. Hi I’m looking to buy a jumbo flap in lambskin with gold hardware, does this exist or am I just dreaming? As I’ve not seen it in a baby pink anywhere.. Any help mostly appreciated! Many thanks xx

    • You’re not dreaming and of course those fabulous bags are exist.
      I just got it in Italy just because I was traveling there and to get a VAT refund.
      They are absolutely gorgeous and I love my bag. I bought exatly what you want.
      Classic flap lambskin with gold chains.

  6. Hi
    I bought a Chanel classic flap jumbo lamb skin leather with gold chains in Italy and I just received the vat refund via my cc. I had never thought about the caviar leather before and the SA suggested the caviar leather. I can see that why the caviar is more durable but it didn’t bring out the luxury of Chanel bag in my opinion.
    I don’t wanna baby my bag cuz bags are supposed to be used but at the same time, the lamb skin leather is too fragile. When I wear my Chanel bag, I can help being extra hyper alert. Lol
    I am happy with my choice of size cuz medium is too small to carry anything.

    Btw, do you guys insure your Chanel bags???

    • Hi Aeran, I always purchase the caviar edition as much as I can except for the wallets. I have a friend who bought a Chanel bag in lambskin, its really fragile, the scratches are very vivid. The jumbo is the best choice imo, because the medium is just too small, even when its now a double flap. I hope one day Chanel will come with a calfskin version of the Classic Flap Bag. The calfskin is soft and durable as well. If you have many bags, I would insure them. I know someone that got their bags stolen but had insured everything so she could get some money bag. Whether you insure or not depends on how many luxury bags you have. If you have many, I would certainly do that.


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