Chanel Classic Clutch With Chain

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Chanel Classic Clutch With Chain


Our unconditional love for Chanel is about to explode. Why? Because there is a new mini bag around the corner. And we tried to figure out what the Chanel Classic Clutch With Chain is all about? First of all, it’s introduced for the Spring Summer 2018 Collection Act 2. Secondly it’s smaller than the Classic Quilted WOC. Thirdly, we have dozens more questions; is it sized like the Classic Wallet? Is there a similar handbag like this in the past? Let’s answer them one by one.

The Design

The first look is always deceiving because we might think that it is the Chanel Wallet On Chain. But it’s not. You see, the WOCs are always crafted in the same size. This one has a different size.

But we will fall head over heels in love with the Classic Clutch With Chain. Mainly due to its gorgeous look, which is exactly the same as the Classic Flap Bag. The body is diamond quilted and features a front flap with the smooth CC logo. What’s more? It comes with the woven chain leather strap. And the best of all, it’s made in either lambskin and calfskin. So do you want the luxury or the durable leather?

Is That The Chanel New Clutch?

We tried to find out whether this bag is an updated version of an older style. During the research, we came across the New Clutch Bag. Can you remember this handbag? It’s also a bag that looks quite similar as the Classic Flap Bag, but thinner and smaller.

The Wallet On Chain Or The Classic Clutch With Chain


The Chanel Classic Quilted WOC

The major differences between the WOC and the Classic Clutch with Chain are the sizes and the look. The Classic Clutch with Chain measures 4.1’ x 5.9’ x 1.4’ inches. The Classic Quilted WOC measures 4.8’ x 7.6’ x 1.4’ inches. So what is the conclusion? The new Classic Clutch with Chain is much smaller in length and width. But the depth is the same.

Also the front look is very different. The Classic Quilted WOC features a straight-lined flap while the Classic Clutch with Chain is crafted with a curvy flap (similar to the Classic Flap Bag). The CC logo on the Classic Quilted WOC is also smaller.

The Classic Flap Wallet versus The Classic Clutch With Chain


The Chanel Classic Flap Wallet

Of course there is no practical comparison between the Flap Wallet and the Clutch with Chain, because the Flap Wallet functions differently as it doesn’t come with a shoulder strap. However, don’t you think that their faces are very similar? Yes it does!

But their sizes are really going to surprise you. Which bag is bigger? The Wallet or the Clutch with Chain? I would say the Wallet, right?

The Classic Flap Wallet measures 4.3’ x 7.1’ x 1.2’ inches, but the Clutch with Chain measures 4.1’ x 5.9’ x 1.4’ inches. So what does that mean? The Clutch with Chain is even smaller than the Classic Flap Wallet. Can you belief how mini this bag is?

The Prices And Sizes

Style code A84512, measuring 4.1’ x 5.9’ x 1.4’ inches, priced at $1700 USD, €1450 EUR, £1300 GBP, $2440 SGD, $12700 HKD, ¥200880 JPY, 7400 MYR via Chanel boutiques.

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