Chanel Chevron Medal O Case


If we think there wouldn’t be anymore new O Cases, then we’re so wrong. Because Chanel will keep innovating and introduces season-style inspired O Cases. Like the Chanel Chevron Medal O Case from the Pre-Fall 2018 Collection.

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The Design

The Chevron Medal O Case is our latest crave. Why? Because it looks fabulous, unique and timeless. If you ever dreamed of an alternative to the Classic O Case, then it’s time to shop and spree.

The bag is made from calfskin, which is a durable and strong leather. Yet calfskin feels incredible luxurious. The Chevron Quilting adds a touch of elegant to the overall style and it feels glamorous from top to toe.

The most notable piece that will attract a lot of eyes is obvious the new center clasp. The clasp is made in chevron-shape, like a medal. The top piece is colored with the same shade as the bag, refined in gold hardware and featuring the CC logo. The bottom part is also crafted in V-shape and in gold hardware, and it’s engraved with the house’s logo: ‘Chanel Paris’.

Overall, the bag looks minimalistic yet ultra-chic. It’s beautiful to carry as a daily bag for work or for special occasions. And don’t forget, it’s seasonal piece, which means it’s limited.

The Interior


Inside you will find the main compartment. The O Case is perfect to store documents, but it’s also ideal to carry daily essentials.

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