Chanel Chevron Flap Bag In Orange


For those that has been scrolling on twice a day, and still can’t find the perfect handbag that matches your flavor, well… perhaps we can help.

Its name? The Chanel Medium Chevron Flap Bag.

Everybody wants to know the history of her handbag, so we will share some insight. The Chevron design is not new, there are vintage styles rotating in the consignment market right now and they are priced around $1,700 to $2,500 USD.

Chanel re-made the ‘Chevron’ for the Fall Winter 2012 Collection and released the brand-new Chanel Surpique Chevron Bags with horizontal Chevron Patterns.

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This handbag is offered depending on the season, the colors are also depending on the season, usually not all information are shared online, therefore you need to visit the boutique personally to check ‘what’s the latest in store.

Here are two gorgeous Chanel Chevron Flap Bag, one in the classic style and one in the boy version. The orange is to-die-for, it’s too perfect to be true, ideal for this winter season and it can be worn during the summer too.

It comes with an interwoven chain link and a bold CC logo on the front. This is an alternative to the Chanel Classic Flap Bag, or the Easy Flap Bag. Put this on your wish list!

Chanel Medium Chevron Flap Bag
Size: 10’ x 3.5’ x 6’ (L x W x H)
Estimated price: $2,800 – $3,400 USD

Chanel Large Boy Chevron Flap Bag with Herringbone Stitching
Style code: A92494
Size: 6.5′ x 11′ x 3.3′ inches
Price: $4,900 USD

Pictures courtesy of: Char1otte_

  • Chanel


    What is 16B? Is it an new style boy bag?

    July 18, 2016
    • Cynthia


      Please clarify where you saw this code?

      July 22, 2016
  • Ck



    I bought a second hand chanel. Should I be worried its a fake if it came in the cardboard box instead of the magnetic box? I’ve got the full set including receipt. I’ve also sent it for repair once cos one of the strass fell off. It is the vday 2014 flap bag. Thanks!

    November 12, 2014
      • Ck


        Hi appreciate your reply. I sent it to one of the chanel boutiques in singapore. Paid a few hundred bucks less than the original price as it was almost brand new. The protective clear plastic at the zipper was still intact.

        November 16, 2014
          • Ck

            Oohh! Ok! my is bag repaired and I’ve gotten it back already:) So the type of boxes the bags come in are not indicative of the authenticity then? I see other sellers posting the bag w magnetic boxes for sale so I got abit paranoid.

            November 19, 2014

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