Chanel Small Clutch with Chain Rival Against the WOC


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Chanel Small Clutch with Chain Rival Against the WOC

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Chanel Small Clutch with Chain Rival Against the WOC


Chanel Classic Clutch With Chain

Haven’t you noticed? There is a new Wallet with Chain in town and it’s boldly competing against the classic Chanel Wallet On Chain Bag. Whether your like it or not depends entirely on your personal preference of course, but we can tell you now that’s packed with doses of addiction that will make your heart melt faster than a lonely ice cream lost in the dessert.


Chanel Clutch with Chain vs Chanel WOC

The Chanel Chain with Clutch is what Chanel calls it on their website. But to tell you the truth, it’s actually a Chanel Wallet On Chain Bag because it looks like one and it functions like one. But to avoid any confusion, let’s just stick with the original name. There are four important subject to talk about; first is the design, second is the size, then the interior. Oh you will adore this bag, that I can tell you now.

The Design

The Chanel Chain with Clutch is shorter than the Chanel WOC, but it doesn’t lack anything that will stir your attention away. The bag might be short but it’s super cute especially when you sling it on your shoulder. It’s the ideal Wallet on Chain because it looks similar to the Chanel Zip Around Wallet, which is another classic btw. So if the Chanel WOC is the flap wallet with chain, then this bag should be the zipped around wallet with chain right?

It’s quilted, refined with woven chain strap as well as the interlocking cc signature logo. It comes with a zip attached to leather tag. The bag is simple, minimal but it strongly attracting eyes because of the elements that are simulated to the Classic Flap Bag.

The Chanel Clutch with Chain is so popular now that it has expanded in more areas like the Boy design and seasonal pieces with braided chevron. The Boyish design is packed with elements inspired by the Boy Chanel Bag like the iconic Boy Clasp and the nicely stitched edges. What’s surprising is that Chanel kept the ladylike Chain on the boy version instead of switching to a bolder chain, but we’re certainly not disappointed.

The price of this bag is also lower than the Chanel WOC, which makes it perfect for those that wants to own their own evening bag.

The Interior


Pictures courtesy of: fashionphile

The interior is different than the WOC. We take you into an exclusive look. As you can see on the image above, it’s made with triple pockets. The first ones are on the two sides and they’re smaller. This pocket is made for the easy-access to your quick essentials like coins or paper money. The third one is on center and it’s largest, this is where you store more important essentials. Moreover, the interior is made in Fabric.

A Classic

Just to let you know, the Chanel Chain with Clutch is now promoted to the classic collection. The most timeless design to brag is the diamond or in chevron quilting. The boyish version is also a beautiful gem. Up until now, Chanel has released seasonal pieces in each season.

The Prices, Sizes and Style code

Chanel Clutch with Chain is much more less expensive than the WOC. But the WOC is also slightly more deluxe and it’s bigger. The Clutch with Chain is more handier because it easier and simpler.

The Chanel Classic Quilted WOC is currently retailing for $2100 USD, €1740 euro, £1630 GBP, $2900 SGD. Compare that to the Chanel Classic Clutch with Chain, which is priced at $1550 USD, €1390 euro, £1300 GBP, $2190 SGD. A big difference, isn’t?

We will give you the most recent prices of the Clutch with Chain below, but we will only update the prices of the latest releases via new posts.

Chanel Classic Clutch with Chain
Style code: A82527
Size: 3.9’ x 7.5’ x 1.6’ inches

Boy Chanel Clutch with Chain
Style code: A84069
Size: 3.9’ x 7.5’ x 1.6’ inches

Chanel Classic Clutch with ChainPrices
United States$1550 USD
Europe€1390 euro
United Kingdom£1300 GBP
Canada$1900 CAD
Australia$2130 AUD
Singapore$2190 SGD
Hong Kong$11400 HKD
Japan¥177120 JPY

Boy Chanel Clutch with ChainPrices
United States$2280 USD
Europe€1450 euro
United Kingdom£1350 GBP
Canada$1975 CAD
Australia$2220 AUD
Singapore$2280 SGD
Hong Kong$11900 HKD
Japan¥185760 JPY


Boy Chanel Clutch With Chain



Boy Chanel Braided Clutch With Chain (seasonal)


Boy Chanel Stress Clutch With Chain (seasonal)


Boy Chanel Stress Clutch With Chain (exotic)

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