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Chanel CC Day Flap Bag

Chanel CC Day Flap Bag

Looking for more value to your investment? Always wanted to get a Chanel Classic Bag but couldn’t keep up with the price increases?

Well, here’s a special treat from the Cruise 2019 Collection – the Chanel CC Day Flap Bag.

If the price of the Classic Flap Bag was the major obstacle to buy, then it should be removed because of this CC Day Bag.

The CC Day Flap Bag comes with the signature woven chain strap in gold hardware. The leather patch is added for extra comfort. It’s also crafted with the same smooth CC logo like on the Classic Bags.

There is one catch though. The body is diamond quilted, but it’s flat quilted and not bubbly. And the leather is lambskin. This shoulder bag is a gorgeous bag. The longer we stare at it, the deeper we fall in love.

Chanel CC Day Flap Bag Comparing With The Small Classic Bag

Chanel CC Day Flap Bag

Chanel Classic Flap Bag

Let’s cover some facts. Most people already know the iconic Small Classic Flap Bag. We are going to compare them in terms of sizes and prices:

Chanel Small Classic Flap Bag is measured 5.7’ x 9.3’ x 2.6’ inches and currently its priced at $5000 USD (price as per December 2018).

The Chanel CC Day Flap Bag is measured 5.9’ x 8.2’ x 1.6’ inches and it’s currently retailing for $3200 USD.

The conclusion: the CC Day Bag is slightly smaller in width and especially depth, which means it can store slightly less stuff than the Small Classic Flap Bag.

However, the price gap is enormous. The difference is $1800 USD.

Chanel CC Day Flap Bag

If we look closer at the interior, we can understand why the depth is much smaller. The bag is more flat. The interior can fit basic essentials though and it comes with an internal zip pocket. Overall, we still think it’s a nice affordable everyday bag. And we also love the bright colors.
The CC Day Bag also comes with two more styles:
Chanel CC Day Backpack
Chanel CC Day Camera Case With Shoulder Strap

This bag’s style code is AS0138, measuring 5.9’ x 1.6’ x 8.3’ inches, priced at $3200 USD, $3775 CAD, €2650 EURO, £2430 GBP, $4420 SGD, $22900 HKD, $4420 AUD, ¥360720 JPY, ₩3600000 WON via Chanel boutiques.

Chanel CC Day Flap Bag


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