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Chanel Boy Wallets


The other day, I had one of the most ‘productive’ talk about Chanel Wallets with Winni. It’s almost as productive as going on shopping spree and getting everything what you were looking for. Isn’t this the ideal world?

For those that are actively hunting for the Chanel Wallets, please read our other reviews: the Chanel Flap Wallets in Rectangle Shape, Chanel Flap Wallets and the Chanel Wallets in Bi-Fold. Belief us, read it, it’s healthier for your feet, as you don’t need to walk a million miles to decide or get what you want.

Now let’s talk about something that makes our heart beater faster, the Chanel Boy Wallets. Basically, the Boy Wallet is like the Chanel Boy Quilted Flap Bags, but then without the masculine chains and of course a size smaller, otherwise it wouldn’t fit in your bag.

The shape is also flatter and it appears to be more kind-of like a book, I promise you, it’s gorgeous. If you love the Boy Flap Bags, then you can’t miss the Boy Wallets. It’s also embellished with the iconic Boy CC Closure in the front. Presenting, your new boyfriend.

Chanel Boy Wallet
Style code: A80285
Size: 4.1’ x 7.2’ x 1.2’ inches
Price: The Chanel Boy Wallet is a bit pricier than the Classic Wallet, the Classic Wallet are priced €640.

Available at Chanel boutique.

UPDATE: Chanel Boy Wallet was priced €605 in 2012, now it’s priced around €800 euro’s. Credit: Glitzy






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  1. Husband just bought me the Chanel Boy Flap Wallet in blue and Zip Wallet in black at Heathrow airport yesterday. The flap was 537.50 GBP/821.89 US dollars, and the zip wallet was 608.22 GBP/930.47 US dollars. I am considering exchanging one for a caviar leather since I’m very rough with my daily wallets.

    • Hi Susie, thank you for sharing your bag and story. Do you mind if we share this bag on our site? And which leather is this one btw? Because you mention you want to shift to caviar. If this is calfkin, then its okay too.


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