Chanel Boy Wallet On Chain


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Chanel Boy Wallet On Chain


Chanel Boy Wallet on Chain? Yes, please! The Chanel exclusive Wallet on Chain, also known as WOC has released the boyish edition for some time now. Though the size slightly larger than the regular wallet you are used to, this little bag has everything you’ve always wanted. How does it feel to meet up your friends downtown, carrying this baby?

The Chanel Wallet on Chain from the iconic boy collection is like I said, nothing new. However, to make it all sparkling, mysterious and surprising, Chanel introduced new styles including colors and leathers every new season. So what’s on next season’s menu? For the fall and winter 2013, you will be able to order the special Boy Chanel Wallet on Chain with delicious velvet juice and quilted. The special tailored silver hardware matches to the color black like Häagen-Dazs ice cream with whip cream on top. Got appetite yet?

For the ladies who are still on a hunt, the Chanel boy WOC comes with a long chain. You’d love to hear that it’s possible to sling it around your shoulder. One of our member once commented; ‘As I tend to get drunk and lose things, the WOC is the perfect small bag for the evening as I can wear it across my body’. I’d agree, the Boy WOC is as famous as a Hollywood superstar; anyone would recognized it, it’s sized 4.8 x 7.8 x 1.4 inches; your ideal BFF who can carry all your I-can’t-life-without essentials. And to top it all off, this bag is embellished with the same Chanel traditional features that you can find in a classic timeless bag. Every girl loves it; the CC signature ruthenium plate on front and the interwoven chain link.

Perhaps the front-face is not enough to trigger your shopping spree senses. Let’s take a clear look on the interior. The Boy Chanel Wallet on Chain might be smaller than the medium classic flap bag, but there’s no lack on the quality side. The interior is enriched with two small zip pockets, one on the back of the flap and another on the interior. It also has six credit cards inserts.

I am pretty sure there are more styles of the Boy WOC in store right now. But we wanted to show you the latest version. If you are interested, here is the style code: Y25054 0A132. Size is already mentioned and the current price is $2,100.


16 thoughts on “Chanel Boy Wallet On Chain”

  1. hey 🙂
    i saw this bag in the fall collection 2016 and i wanted to ask if they repremote this bag every year/every two year….

    i want to buy a chanel bag. my first choice is a jumbo in black and silver. but i thought about buying a woc maybe half a year later… it wouldbe much easier for me to choose which woc when i would know if this one will come back soon ^^

    thanks you for your help,

    • Hi Enya, this is the classic Boy Chanel Wallet On Chain Bag, it’s available throughout the year. It’s a good decision to buy the Jumbo Classic Flap Bag first because that bag will go up in price every once in a while.

  2. Hi!
    For the last couple of months I have been trying to track down the Chanel boy woc preferable in black. And now this friday my SA mailed me and told me it had arrived with the release of the Paris/Dallas collection. I´m thrilled! Now the boy woc is going to be my new armcandy!


  3. On Saturday 21st September I went to Chanel on Madison Ave, NYC. They had a pink velvet boy woc, very beautiful but I had my heart set on black. It was $1800 before tax. I ended up buying a New Clutch, black caviar with silver hardware from Bergdorf Goodman, I love it! It was $2800 with tax, they had it in navy lamb skin too and a pewter colour. They also had 2 black caviar quilted woc’s, the SA said they hadn’t had any for 9 months and probably won’t get them in again for a while, they were $1800 before tax.

  4. hi! $2100 is in USD? is it selling in europe? how much is it in euro? and can i also ask, how much is the WOC quilted in lambskin and caviar in euro? TIA!! =D


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