Chanel Boy Patent Quilted Flap Bag


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Chanel Boy Patent Quilted Flap Bag

Chanel Boy Patent Quilted Flap Bag


Well there they are. I hope you are not disappointed, because this is what we all have been waiting for right? First shown on our website a couple months ago and the responses were… truly amazing! The Patent Boy Bag is a ‘must have’ for any serious fashionista who is planning to add (another) boy bag to their collection. And well, what can we say, presenting the Boy Quilted Bag in Patent and do you like colors? Because I love.

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While there are many Boy Bags in store right now, which one can compete against this new edition. The Chanel Boy Patent Quilted Flap Bags are from the upcoming Spring Summer 2014 Collection, it has not been released yet, so be patient. But not too-patient, because we know that’s going to be like the Valentine 2014 Flap Bag that have been released a couple weeks ago; it’s going to be sold-out everywhere.

How many bags can you handle? The new Chanel Boy Patent Quilted Bags come in many different colors; black, red, blue, green, gold, pink, orange, yellow… it has no ending. It’s like the entire rainbow at your finger tips. I wish we can take them all home, then I promise, I promise, I will never buy another bag again (finger crossed).

Embellished with a beautiful iconic boy CC logo on the front, you are going to get a headache choosing the right color. Are you sure you will go for the orange or perhaps the blue one is much better, it’s more practical right? It’s like picking your favorite candy and you want them all but you can only have one. The shiny patent together with the strong thick chain is going to make a statement.

Well, how much does this bag cost? We are not sure yet as it’s from the upcoming Spring Summer 2014 Collection, we expect it to be around $4,200 USD/€3.000 EUR for the medium size. Tell me how much you LIKE!




Pictures courtesy of: missatlaplaya & simplynabiki

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2 thoughts on “Chanel Boy Patent Quilted Flap Bag”

  1. I love boy Chanel, but for this collection in patent, I don’t like it. I might be the only one who thinks that this collection kinda looks un-sophisticated & sorry~~cheap looking, soorrryyy……
    I love the Chanel boy cubes from winter, they look so elegant. Still looking for the blue cube Chanel..


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