Chanel Boy Cube Flap Bag


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Chanel Boy Cube Flap Bag


The danger starts when you think that you got it all; you don’t need another ‘bag’, ‘shoe’ or ‘clothes’. Perhaps not now, but how about tomorrow? Fashion never ends, it’s the same like ‘love’. You can’t force it and it has to come naturally. Never will you know when you are going to meet the ‘perfect’ bag and it can happen at any moment, any day. Perhaps one day you open up your mailbox and read one of our newsletters (remember to subscribe) to find a picture, modeling the most beautiful bag in the world. Or you accidentally see a post on Facebook (Like us if you love what we are doing!) that features the latest Chanel bag that got you mesmerize, hypnotize and fallen in love. When that little bag on a white horse is coming, you will feel that in your stomach and your subconsious mind will go wild: ‘I gotta get that bag’.

It’s never too early to get informed about newest Chanel bag that are not being sold worldwide yet. Like this Chanel boy cube flap from the Cruise 2014 collection. Do you know why girls love the boy bag? Not because its boyish, but it got that masculine feminine power; big chain, new hard-core Chanel CC boy logo and the unexplainable irresistible attraction. Every girl should own a Chanel classic flap bag, but they should own at least one Chanel boy bag too.

The new Chanel cube bag is embellished with a beautiful enameled clasp and checkered pattern contrasts. Made from soft lambskin and for now, it only comes in shiny gold hardware. On available in limited colors, but timeless and can be worn in all season. We hope you love what we are sharing on Bragmybag and keep following us on Facebook. Here are the detailed information:

Chanel Small Boy Cube Bag in Gold Hardware
style code: A92093
Size: 4.7 x 7.8 x 3
Colors: gold/red
Price: $3,900 USD

Chanel Medium Boy Cube Bag in Gold Hardware
Style code: A92094
Size: 5.5 x 9.8 x 3.5
Colors: red/white, white/red
Price: $4,300 USD

Chanel Large Cube Bag in Gold Hardware
Style code: A92095
Size: 8.4 x 11.8 x 3
Colors: Navy/red
Price: $5,400 USD

Only available in lambskin.

Pictures courtesy of: Fashion Phile



18 thoughts on “Chanel Boy Cube Flap Bag”

    • Hi Mimi, the Chanel Boy Cube is a seasonal bag. It might come back in the future, but for now its discontinued. You can check pre-owned however.

  1. HI Alex,
    Can you please help me verifying the Chanel medium cube bag. I am confused like Paige above.
    Some Chanel cube bags 2014 have the inner zip and some dont. Some one argues that only the large cube boy has an inner zip and the medium cube boy bag does not have it. What do you think Alex? I agree with you as I can only see the fake medium ones have no zip. Thanks in advance for your help.

    • This bag is only available in old-medium, but its seasonal. I haven’t seen it for a while, perhaps you can get it from the consignment store? or resellers?

  2. Hey Alex!

    Hope you can help me. I’ve seen various pictures of the Boy Cube bag. Some photos of the interior shows that the inner compartment has a zip. Other photos shows inner compartment is open with no zip. Is that the difference between an authentic and a fake or just different colours have different designs? As I noticed the red cube does not have a zip but darker colour such as bag and navy has a zip.


    • Hi Paige, there are so many boy bags (and updated releases), I cannot verify 100% of the seasonal line like the boy cube. However, I can share this, the one you see on the top is an authentic bag, if you slide you will find the interior, it an inner zipper. While Googling I find a few Boy Cube bags from counterfeit sites that has no zip inside.

  3. Is it still possible to buy the Cube Cruise 2014 in Dubai in late April? I’ve never fallen so hard for a Chanel bag like this beauty.


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