Chanel Ballerinas with Camellia and Bow



Chanel Ballerinas with Camellia and Bow


As women, we are all about them heels – and as we head out into their different activities, it is a given that we would also end up sacrificing comfort for the sake of style. But, why should be this the case, when we can sport trendy and equally stylish flats? Of course, there are those days when we’d feel that we would want to look our best…without necessarily trying. And for the most part, stilettos are totally not worth the effort. Ergo, Chanel Ballerinas with Camellia and Bow, your next alternative for pretty kicks.

Just like yin and yang, these steppers come in two contrasting shades – the white lambskin Chanel Ballerina with Bow, and the black, woolen Chanel Ballerina with Camellia. Each of these pretty flats have a 20mm heel, and are guaranteed to make any drab outfit exciting (minus the painful blisters, cracked heels…you get the point).

The black piece is adorned with a feathery Camellia and diamantes, which gives it a great sparkle. On the other hand, the white one is designed with a chic bow on top, similar to icing on top of a cake. These designs are simple and non-intimidating, yet they bring in some excitement into smart-casual everyday wear. How good can it get?


Chanel Black Ballerinas with Camellia
Size: 20mm heel
Price: €770 EUR


Chanel White Ballerinas with Bow
Size: 20mm heel
Price: €670 EUR

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