Celine Trapeze Bag Spring 2014 Prices


Celine Trapeze handbag
in Multicolour Pony Calfskin Cream

There are two bags that we find crucial for you to know the prices; the most-sough-after Celine Luggage totes and the Celine Trapeze Bags. And because Celine changes their prices ‘every freaking season’, we have to continue to inform and update you. So don’t be shy to like our Facebook page and show your support.

Now, the Celine Trapeze Bag is known for its sleek, clean and extra-wide side wings. Usually (and just like this Spring 2014 release), they come in multi-colors and put together with different materials to make it stand-out. Most women carry the Trapeze bag in the crux of their arm.

Every fashion-conscious woman recognizes the Celine Trapeze through its extended wings (they also look like the ears of a bat). But if you dislike this style, you can always flap the wings to the inside and close it with a snap button.

Celine Trapeze in Multicolour Smooth Calfskin Lavender: €1.800 EUR
Celine Trapeze in Multicolour Textured Calfskin Sand: €1.950 EUR
Celine Trapeze in Multicolour Pony Calfskin Cream: €2.700 EUR


Celine Trapeze handbag in
Multicolour Textured Calfskin Sand


Celine Trapeze handbag
in Multicolour Smooth Calfskin Lavender


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