Celine Luggage Tote: The It In The It Bag


The Celine luggage tote is one striking bag; it comes in various sizes and colors to match your wardrobe all year round. It is quirky, robust and would go beautifully with the fall and winter fashion which too is quirky and robust by fall but elegant yet strong by winter. The shapes go perfectly with the oversized look that will be worn well for the rest of this year. This year Celine went “Considered and yet so effortless” on the catwalk which is epitomized by this bag.

Tote bags have so much space for your essential belonging such as perfume, make up and of course your business items; like your phone of course. It is a real treat to find a bag that looks smart but can also hold a lot of items; it is functionality meets personality. Show off in the office or wear it on your arm in a cute a line dress or even skillfully master the androgynous high waist black loose suit trousers with a delectable white silk shirt accompanied by this Celine luggage tote. Its block outline shape is softened by the curved etched in to it making it edgy with an elegant touch.

This is a must have for all of you busy business women, accessory addicts and functional fashionistas. It is such a beautiful bag that it deserves to be worn by women with class; you can dress up or down and make it your signature accessory. Choose from quirky colors or chic combinations to suit your style and wear it proud.








Available at Celine boutique.
For more Celine prices please go here.

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  • Yves


    Hello! I am considering of getting one in Paris but I’m not sure about the price. Do you know how much it is? Thanks!

    December 16, 2013

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