Celine Horizontal Cabas Bag

Although we have a selective memory about the bag’s history, we do know that once upon a time Phoebe (designer of Celine) got enlivened by a fabulous idea, her take on paper bags done in supple leather was reflected in Celine Cabas bags. But with each fashion season everything changes and here before our eyes, we are blessed with the horizontal Cabas that are more fascinating than anything.

Famed for the creation of the horizontal Cabas handbags, Celine itself is a styling trick for many. Embellished with the essence of modesty, the brand created a set of timeless collection with minimal designs, apt for day-to-day outfits. Countless styles of Cabas bags are introduced by Celine, you can see the Phantom Cabas, the vertical bags as well as the horizontal too. Whereas the horizontal is more like a tote, the vertical is more like a shopper.

Lessen the giant sized trouble like a phantom or a luggage from your dear Celine and add the perks of carrying the Cabas bag on the shoulder unlike the vertical one; you’ll end up with the best handbag – the horizontal Cabas handbag.

The Design

Celine Horizontal Cabas Bag Review

It’s plain obvious, why horizontal? As this bag is more in width it’s being referred to the horizontal Cabas bag in the handbag world, while the vertical Cabas is longer in height. Design is simpler, but the shades actually add five stars to these bags, precisely if we see the bi-color patterns. Vertical ones were meant for the crook of your arm but these horizontal ones can be easily carried on your shoulder, there’s no shoulder strap only two handles, so you can’t wear it crossbody. The leather is very soft and the bag hangs comfy on your shoulder like your little accessory.

You are a million dollar lucky girl if you own the calfskin Cabas from Celine, it holds a ton, literally, for real! This one is more structured and lives more longer, for like forever with you. However, if you have a lambskin version, they are lovely but can’t hold that much. No worries of your stuff getting fallen or spilled while you aren’t with your beloved Celine, as this one stands upright when stuffed, with its envelope bottom and structural edges.

How Does The Interior Look Like?

Celine Horizontal Cabas Bag Review

Pictures courtesy of: Fashion Phile

You might have seen these instagram-worthy bags storing a lot, in its splendid suede interior. Its much more bigger in width than the Vertical Cabas and thus can hold objects that weren’t possible in the previous one. It’s a light-weight shopping bag which doesn’t get heavy if you put in tons of stuff, the reason behind this trait is it’s handles that are longer. Another reason can be its width; as its weight is equally distributed unlike the other, in vertical bags everything get pooled at the bottom so the extra weight is all felt on the straps and the bag.

We’re highly fascinated with the bag as its unlined interior of suede is magnificent with a large zipper compartment, if you are going for medium sizes. This bag is apt for your lifestyle if you like to travel light and wouldn’t mind to carry it all day long. Stuff your sunglasses, umbrella, files, a jumper maybe, if you’re out for a casual day carry 1-2 kilos and tops; and its delightfully perfect for that. Oh! And don’t carry your laptop for a longer time it may stretch.

The Sizes

Celine Horizontal Cabas Bag Review

Pictures courtesy of: Fashion Phile

The Measurements: 15’ x 13’ x 8’ inches

The Leathers

Celine Horizontal Cabas Bag Review

From Left To Right: Lambskin, Drummed Calfskin

The Colors

Celine Horizontal Cabas Bag Review

From Left To Right: Black, Beige, Orange, Brown

Celine Horizontal Cabas Bag Review

From Left To Right: Red, Grey, Bi-Color Pink And Brown, Bi-Color Baby Blue And Black, Bi-Color Pink And Orange, Bi-Color Brown And Blue

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