Celine Croissant Charm Bag


Celine Croissant Charm Bag

Celine Croissant Charm Bag


Nowadays, fashion brands make it a point to combine multi-functionality and style all at the same time and we couldn’t be any happier. Take for example the Celine Croissant Charm Bag, which offers the best features of two different things. Gasp!

A dual-purpose fashion accessory, the Celine Croissant Charm Bag is both a charm and a bag. Wait, what? Yes, ladies, it was all made possible by Celine. Carry it by hand like a mini clutch or a mini drawstring bag or attach it to a bag like a charm to create an extra space.

If you remember, the Celine Croissant Bag was first introduced in Celine’s Winter 2016 Collection. Fast-forward to Summer 2017 Collection, we are now seeing the smaller version in the form of a Charm Bag.

Made from soft lambskin, this small bag is perfect for storing your coins. Because of its cute and winsome size, you can always attach it to your bag as an added charm.

Prices will be updated later on.


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