Celine C Bag

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Celine C Bag

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Celine C Bag

Celine C Bag

Just when the Celine 16 Bag was announced, which we’re expecting to become the house’s next icon, another new handbag was introduced on Celine’s instagram. It’s called the Celine C Bag, named after the new C closure.

The newly C closure is inspired by a Celine closure from the 1970s. The idea is quite simple as the C is engraved on the center. But this high fashion brand is about minimalism and we have become used to that.

Then we noticed the most unusual detail; the C Bag is crafted in Quilted Tablet Pattern. This Quilting is a signature feature from the vintage bags of the 1980’s. Does Celine match with Quilting?

The chain is a redesign of the chain links that encircle the Arc De Triomphe. The Arc De Triomphe is the most famous moments in Paris, standing at the end of Champs-Élysées.

When Celine announced this handbag on Instagram; the reactions were not positive. Some of those comments were: ‘like a Chanel knock-off’ or ‘it just doesn’t look like Celine to me’.

So what do you think about this bag?

The Interior

Celine C Bag 4 1

The interior of the C Bag is made up with 1 zipped and 1 flat pocket including 1 main compartment.

The Sizes And Prices

The medium size measures 8’ x 6’ x 3’ inches. The calfskin (including quilting) is priced at $3300 USD, €2300 EUR, £2100 GBP, $25500 HKD, $4100 AUD, ¥365000 JPY, 23000 CNY

The watersnake leather is priced at €2700 EUR, £2500 GBP, $29000 HKD, $4550 AUD, ¥395000 JPY, 25000 CNY

The crocodile leather is priced at €20000 EUR, £18400 GBP, $205000 HKD, $32000 AUD, ¥2800000 JPY, 180000 CNY

More Images And Colors

Celine C Bag 2

Celine C Bag 3

Celine C Bag 4

Celine C Bag 5

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