Boy Chanel Woven Chain Leather Around Bag


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Boy Chanel Woven Chain Leather Around Bag

Boy Chanel Woven Chain Leather Around Bag


The chain around design is really famous, especially when it’s put on the classic handbags like the Boy Quilted Flap Bags. When a bag is beautified with chain around, it instantly looks chic’er, more eye-catching and it adds a personality to it. Now meet the Boy Chanel Woven Chain Leather Around Bag, it’s a new design from the Fall 2017 Collection.

You know the Boy, they’re as popular as pop stars. This new design is just like the classic Boy Quilted Flap Bag – it’s quilted in the center with large notable boy clasp on the bottom. It also crafted with big chains in gold hardware. The beautiful shiny leather is going to attract a lot of eyes.

But what’s new? It’s the feminine woven chain leather strap around the quilting. This woven chain leather design is used as a shoulder strap on the classic handbags. And this piece is what makes this bag stand out from the rest.

The interior of this Boy Bag is the same like the Classic Quilted Boy Bags. It features one large compartment with a zip pocket. There are different sizes available and the price is similar to the classic Boy Bags. Check out the prices via Chanel Boy Classic Bag Prices.

Fall in love with this Boy and catch your very own at the Chanel boutique. So what do you think about the new chain around, lovely? Or not?

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