Boy Chanel Small Wallets


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Boy Chanel Small Wallets

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Boy Chanel Small Wallets


Everything the Classic Flap Bag Collection has, the Boy Bag has too. Meet the Boy Chanel Small Wallet; you can see it as an alternative of the Classic Small Flap Wallet. And maybe it’s a great combination too if you’ve already got the Classic Flap Bag – slip the Boy Wallet inside and you have two iconic’s to flaunt.

The Design

The Boy Chanel cannot be compared to the Classics, because they are two separated designs. One looks more boyish, the other is more feminine, but both are blessed with elements that represent the house.

Obviously there is a larger version of the Boy Wallet, but for those that need a downsized version, here is it. You can slip this wallet easily inside the pockets of your jeans, but it’s not recommended of course due to possible leather damage. The small version is as gorgeous as the large edition, but with a bit more of a squared shape, which is fabulous.

The look resembles to the Large Boy Flap Bag. The center is quilted while the edges are striped. It comes with the signature boy closure in either gold or silver hardware. There are endless of colors available, but mostly the selection depends on the season. And you can never go wrong with the classic shade black, because it marries with any handbag.


This is The Chanel Small Flap Classic Wallet

Boy Chanel Small Wallet vs Chanel Classic Small Wallet

We needed to do a comparison between these two wallets because of two reasons:
1). When it comes to small wallets, both are mostly picked.
2). These two small wallets have different sizes

The Boy Chanel Small Wallet has the style code A84302, the Classic Small Wallet has the style code A82288.

The question whether you should choose the Boy Small Wallet () or the Classic Small Wallet is hard decision because each has their own style. The Boy Wallet is bold, strong and masculine. The Classic Small Wallet feels soft and feminine.

The interior design of the Boy Small Wallet is also different than the Classic Small Wallet. The Boy Wallet features 6 card sots on the right side, the top can carry paper money and there is an extra pocket. The Classic Small Wallet has also 6 credit card slots, but they’re crafted on both sides, and there is a back pocket designed.

In terms of size, the Boy Chanel Small Wallet is measured 4.1’ x 5.9’ x 1.6’ inches while the Classic Small Wallet is measured 4.1’ x 4.5’ x 1.2’. So the Boy is slightly bigger.

The Interior


The interior design of the Boy Small Wallet has been maximized to create as much structured pockets as possible. It’s made with 6 credit card slots and a zip pocket. There is also a pocket to carry paper money.

The Sizes And Prices

Style code: A84302, measuring 4.1’ x 5.9’ x 1.6’, priced at $850 USD, $1175 CAD, €835 euro, £750 GBP, $1340 SGD, $1280 AUD, $6900 HKD, ¥6600 CNY, ¥108000 JPY, 4160 MYR via Chanel boutiques.

For the latest price of this bag, we do recommend visiting: Chanel Classic Wallet Prices.

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