Boy Chanel Braided Chevron Bag


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Boy Chanel Braided Chevron Bag

Boy Chanel Braided Chevron Bag


A new boy is coming to town and we’re 100% sure that women will be head over heels and be smitten by its charm. We are talking about this new Boy Chanel Braided Chevron Bag, which was recently released during Chanel Spring Summer 2017 Collection.

A boy bag like no other, this Chanel piece exudes uniqueness and beauty all at once. It proudly shows off the Chevron V quilting but wait it comes with a modern twist! This boy beauty comes in a braided fashion and this is apparent with the front flap while the sides of the flap are bordered with leather.

The famous boy CC clasp is put in the lower middle portion for everyone to see. And oh, how can we miss the golden-chained strap that goes hand it hand with its contemporary style?

Ladies, make no mistake. This boy right here is worth your time and investment. No news yet about its measurements and price but we’ll definitely keep you posted!


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Pictures courtesy of: Instagram @vipaccessori

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