Be Dior Bag

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Be Dior Bag


Be Dior Bag

Be Dior Bag Review

What goes around comes around as you can’t go wrong with an ultimate classic. Likewise, the most popular handbag from one of the last remaining haute couturiers in France, named Be Dior, has been enlivened by the haute couture and has the very essence of Christian Dior himself.

Bold, captivating and graceful patterns with beautiful detailing that let’s you do a double take, have been introduced in the Fall Winter 2014 collection. Dior is constantly playing with new and old, adding a hint of freshness to the age-old traditions of the brand and the Be Dior handbags are nothing but a reflection of it.

The ‘New Look’ of 1947 that was revolutionized by this brand is fresh in the hearts of fashion lovers and now it can transition to each need. Whether it’s a day, evening or night it’s easy to see these bags everywhere with its signature charm of D and R hanging close to you.

The Design

Be Dior Bag Review

Why shouldn’t we give you a scoop on the Be Dior Handbags, if our favorite Jennifer Lawrence is a face associated with these? We all have a soft spot for its design; a reinforced leather top handle with links, the fairy-like hanging Dior charm, an optional leather shoulder strap and a rear patch pocket. The closure is a hooked closure that makes the front flap fastens with the speed of light. Moreover, the shoulder straps are adjustable and the handles are attached to several eyelets that are beyond classy to look at.

Shoulder straps and handles are attached to the flap so when the straps are used the handles flop down completely and you know what! Nothing can look trendier than such a view. Some may think that the handle looks more elongated with the chains but it actually looks perfect when you carry it with the crook of your arm. The Be Dior handbags are not only available in four different sizes, Micro, Mini, Small and Medium but it also comes in some of the best skins. You can see Be Dior bags in Crocodile, Python and Calfskin as well.

You certainly want to be doubly-true if it comes to handbags trends, then yes, it certainly does. We are all aware of this versatility-meets-modernity trend and we call it downright stunning. Best of all, the front flap and the optional crossbody strap render a whole new touch to these Dior beauties. Whereas the front flap gives the designs a more accessible feel, while the optional strap provides a whole newly-made-in-modern-era vibe. All in all, it’s simple yet hard to not fall in love with.

The Interior

Be Dior Bag Review

We might as well go to whole nine yards to grab this Be Dior handbag as it’s not only beautiful but highly functional. The interior is huge where you can keep all what you can imagine in your beloved Dior bag, passport, cards, cash, lip-gloss, small wallet, small cam, cell phone and what not!

To organize your cards and car keys there are two small slots where you can just slid in your hand and grab it. There’s also a small Dior logo, not to showy or embossed but in a simpler pattern. Keep in mind that the medium size handbag might get a bit heavy but the small is still bearable.

The Sizes

Be Dior Bag Review

From Left To Right: Mini, Small, Medium

Pictures courtesy of: Fashion Phile

Be Dior Micro Bag15 x 13 x 10 cm
Be Dior Mini Bag 20 x 16,5 x 11 cm
Be Dior Small Bag 27 x 19,5 x 13 cm
Be Dior Medium Bag 31 x 22,5 x 14 cm

The Leathers


From Left To Right: Bullcalf Leather, Smooth Calfskin

The Colors

Be Dior Bag Review

From Left To Right: Black, Fuchsia, Coral, Baby Blue

Be Dior Bag Review

From Left To Right: Purple, Orange, White, Gold

The Hardware

Be Dior Bag Review

From Left To Right: Gold, Silver, Colored

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